20 Sunflower Bouquets That Will Brighten Up Your Wedding Day

multicolored sunflower bouquet
Photo: Kelly Hornberger

This cheerful bloom is a great addition to your bridal arrangement.

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sunflower bouquet with dahlias
Jaquilyn Shumate Photography

Sunflowers are the perfect summer flower: They're large like their namesake, are beautifully bright, and, perhaps best of all, are in season during the warmer months. Why wouldn't you want to add them to your wedding bouquet? These blooms bring a pretty dose of color to any summer spray—their yellow hue is exactly why you don't need a ton of sunflower stems to make an impact.

But don't be deterred by their vibrant color. Although sunflowers are an unexpected bloom to incorporate into your wedding-day arrangement, they still pair well with flowers of any shape, size, and colorway. This bouquet by Tobey Nelson proves just that. The pros mixed both large and small sunflowers with sizable dahlias and tiny blue and purple buds. The result? A unique display that still felt understated.

Whether you want to use sunflowers in a small way or throughout your entire bouquet, the following options show you all the many ways you can use this cheery bloom in your arrangement. You'll also discover a look that suits just about any wedding type. For a modern ceremony, take note from one bride, who paired the flower with succulents. Throwing a rustic-themed event? You may want to bookmark one bouquet with pinecones. However you choose to utilize this sunny bloom, it's guaranteed to brighten up your nuptials even more. Need more proof? We've rounded up some of our favorite sunflower bouquets to inspire you. If you're looking for a colorful element to add to your arrangement or just love sunflowers, you're bound to find a bouquet that speaks to you.

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Succulents and Pine Cones

sunflower bouquet with pinecones
Autumn Cutaia Photography

A succulent separated two large sunflowers in this Margaret's Garden arrangement. Pine cones infused a rustic vibe to the cheerful bunch.

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sunflower bouquet with roses and anemones
Crystal Bolin Photography

Simply Flowers paired complementary colors in this bouquet by using yellow sunflowers and purple garden roses and anemones.

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sunflower bouquet with greenery
JD Elegance Photography

Sunflowers were still the focal point in this greenery-centric clutch by Family Farm Shed.

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sunflower bouquet with pink flowers
The Photo & The Flower Girl

Two large blooms brought a bit of height to this arrangement by The Photo & The Flower Girl. Pink garden roses were also an unexpected color addition.

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sunflower bouquet with greenery
Jessica Hunt Photography

In this bright F2T Productions bouquet, a magenta and orange sunflower tied the whole color scheme together.

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Sunflowers Galore

multicolored sunflower bouquet
Kelly Hornberger

Petals by the Shore packed this bouquet with sunflowers of all different colors. Brightly-hued dahlias and soft garden roses were also included.

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sunflower bouquet with greenery
Kingdom Photography

This wild Listowel Florist spray had plenty of texture thanks to thin branches, leafy greenery, and three soft sunflowers.

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sunflower bouquet with dried elements
Kristina Curtis Photography

These sunny blooms were a bright addition to this Calie Rose spray. The pros also incorporated dried elements for a textural and rustic component.

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sunflower bouquet with peonies
Laura Kelly Photography

Thanks to their bright hue, two small sunflowers stood out against large peonies in this Presh Floral display.

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sunflower bouquet with blue thistle
PMA Photography

This crafty bride made this tri-color bouquet of sunflowers, thistles, and greenery herself using flowers from Blooms by the Box.

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sunflower bouquet with lambs ear
Sarah Marie Photos

A friend of the bride created this clutch, which featured two sunflowers and soft elements like eucalyptus, lamb's ear, and goldenrod.

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Classic Touches

sunflower bouquet with greenery
Tim & Madie Photography

Artemisia Studios added traditional white garden roses to this contemporary collection of sunflowers, astilbe, and greenery.

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Yellow and White

sunflower bouquet with yellow and white roses
Casey Durgin Photography

Susan's Weddings created a diagonally-shaped bouquet by lining up sunflowers, garden roses, daisies, and lengthy greenery.

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sunflower bouquet with seeded eucalyptus
Jon Larson Photography

Maroon leaves gave a rustic and autumnal feel to this arrangement of daisies, seeded eucalyptus, and a large sunflower by Pocket Full of Posies.

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sunflower bouquet with succulents
KMD Creations

Thin goldenrod and billy balls echoed the sunflowers' bright yellow petals in this bouquet by Atmospheres Floral and Décor.

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Orange and Green

orange sunflower bouquet
Sarah Der Photography

Boulevard Flower Gardens created an orange-and-green color scheme using succulents, seeded eucalyptus, and a large orange sunflower.

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sunflower bouquet with greenery
Chellise Michael Photography

Sprigs of greenery stuck out from all corners of this spray by François Pijuan. Two sunflowers were placed on either side to create symmetry.

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sunflower bouquet with seeded eucalyptus
Danielle DeFiore Photography

This bride's friends wrapped three cheery sunflowers with leafy and seeded eucalyptus in this petite bouquet.

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sunflower bouquet with greenery
m three studio

Flora Flower Shop used sunflowers throughout this cheerful mix. For color contrast, small purple blooms and greenery were added.

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