The Bachelor in Paradise cast dished on the engagement.
Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan
Credit: Taylor Nolan via Instagram

At the close of this season's Bachelor in Paradise, Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan got engaged. Now, the couple and the rest of the cast are sharing their reactions. Christen Whitney told E! News that Nolan was "floored" by the proposal. Chris Harrison, the show's host, also weighed in on the event. "If people ever wonder if this stuff is real... all you had to do was see [Derek], he was shaking like a leaf," he revealed. "That was one of the sweetest, rawest moments I've seen in a long time."

Entertainment Tonight caught up with the couple to further discuss their engagement. "I couldn't eat food that whole day," Peth admitted. "I walked about eight miles pacing back and forth in the trailer [on set]."

Both agree that they're totally in love and are happy with the show's outcome. "We don't really believe in having 'the one' or that one person; it's really about choosing each other, [but] there's something magnetically that has always attracted me to Taylor," Peth shared. "We tried not to like each other, but that's what made it so genuine. We tried as hard as possible to not like each other, every step of the way!" Nolan called her fiancé "a very good teammate."

Now, the pair are seeking guidance as they approach their future together. This includes reaching out to Evan Bass, a Bachelor Nation alum. Bass-who met wife Carly Waddell on Bachelor in Paradise-had his wedding aired on this season of the show.


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