So you've decided to take a little time off from wedding planning this winter to date your fiancé? Read on for date ideas that will keep your romance nice and toasty when cold weather hits.
Credit: oleh_slobodeniuk

1. Take up tango.

Get steamy on the dance floor with a private class, then continue your night over wine at an intimate Argentinian eatery. Not a tango fan? Try swing, salsa, or a waltz (might come in handy for the wedding!).

2. Hit the rink.

Whether or not you're graceful on the ice doesn't matter-you get to hold hands, glide along to happy holiday tunes, and cozy up over hot cocoa afterwards. Extra kisses for landing that triple axel. (Just kidding … extra kisses no matter what!)

3. Hit the rink again.

But this time, leave the skating to the pros. Cheer on your local hockey team, or get goose bumps when figure skaters cut up the ice at a holiday showcase, competition, or performance.

4. Indulge your inner child.

Stop grumbling about the snow, bundle up, and jump in! Go sledding, make snow angels, chuck snowballs at each other, build a snowman (or two … snow couples are the sweetest). Back at home, light unscented candles (or your fireplace) and make s'mores!

5. Say yes to the toque blanche.

Cooking classes are not only fun and warm (oven's on!), but also exceptionally practical, as you'll leave with a full belly or a delicious doggy bag, and a life skill. Chances are you're going to be sharing a few homemade meals over the years, and if you learn some recipes together, you'll be reminded of the date itself every time you make the new additions to your repertoire.

6. Be a tourist.

A chilly winter evening is the perfect excuse to take advantage of a late opening or special exhibit at a local museum. Art and history, not to mention planetariums, can stir your passions in unexpected ways!

7. Get competitive!

Movie nights in are awesome, but try something a little different: Spike some warm apple cider, and dust off a board game or a deck of cards. Play Monopoly, Scrabble, Gin Rummy … or a friendly game of Strip Poker. The cider will take the edge off when things get heated.

8. Get into the spirit of giving.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, help at a home for the elderly, or babysit for your married-with-children friends who never go on a date night out. Doing something together for someone else will bring you closer together.


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