77 Wedding Arches That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Ceremony

Floral Ceremony Arch
Photo: Natalie Watson Photography

Imagine standing next to your partner on your wedding day, promising to spend forever together. Pretty great, right? Now imagine doing that beneath a lush array of your favorite flowers. That's even better. Take your ceremony to new heights and frame the moment you become spouses with a wedding arch that reflects the mood of your special day.

Though different types of wedding arches have both cultural and religious significances (representing protection, divine presence, and the home, to name a few), modern couples embrace the curve for aesthetic and décor purposes, too. We're sharing some of our favorite wedding arches that will help round out your big day.

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Industrial Backdrop

indoor wedding venue with a floral arch
Heather Waraksa

Garden lights and a brick wall backdrop accented this greenery- and flower-filled arch. Buds of Brooklyn created this romantic piece using the same florals found in the bride's bouquet, including cream-and-blush roses, ranunculus, orchids, dahlias, and calla lilies.

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Floral Stone Pergola

outdoor wedding ceremony wooden chairs set up
Ether & Smith

While not quite an "arch," this stone pergola designed byBlue Pansy Floral had the same stunning effect. It was embellished with a growing floral swag to match the whimsical outdoor setting.

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Spring Blooms

outdoor arch ceremony setup with colorful flowers
Beatrice Howell

Luna Design Studios filled this slim-frame arch with peach Juliet roses, sunset poppies, lavender sweet pea, peach ranunculus, yellow poppies, coral dahlias, and coral parrot tulips. It overlooked views of the country club's grounds at this spring wedding.

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Vibrant Fall Colors

bride and groom smiling under ceremony floral archway
Rachel Havel

A bright mix of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows covered this fall-centric arch. Bows and Arrows Flowers played off of the hues seen in the mountainous backdrop to create the stunning altar.

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Thick Floral Arch

white and blue floral greenery covered archway
Sophie Kaye Photography

This arch iteration, created by Willret Flower Co., was extra full thanks to its plentiful amount of greenery. There was subtle color sprinkled throughout courtesy of pale blue, orange, and pink hydrangeas, delphinium, and roses.

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A Part of the Scenery

large white floral wedding arch for outdoor wedding ceremony
Lacie Hansen

Old Sycamore trees hovered above a lush, overgrown arch during this organic outdoor ceremony.

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Soft Hues

wedding couple kiss under chuppah in jewish ceremony
Birds of a Feather Photography

A chuppah covered in flowers on all four sides makes a soft, but major statement at a wedding ceremony.

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Colorful Outdoor Arch

wedding floral arch
Michael Radford

This simple floral arch was created with the help of drum roses, spray roses, raspberry scabiosa, and numerous vines and berries for a colorful ceremony backdrop.

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Garden-Inspired Arch

Roey Yohai Photography

The mirror image of a curated English garden, this boxwood-lined aisle culminated in a romantic arch covered in sweet peas.

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Asymmetrical Arch

sara trisdan wedding white arch with warm tones floral decorations
This Modern Romance

A simple white arch gets elevated with staggered bold colored flowers in an asymmetrical pattern.

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Floral Wedding Chuppah

Judy Pak Photography

For a look that's nothing short of incredible, this array of greenery, garden roses, and peonies was paired with a traditional tallit. What a gorgeous way to bring the outdoors in!

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Floral Forest Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Sylvie Gil Photography

This 14-foot arch was decorated with fresh ferns, gardenias, and spray roses to create an ethereal woodland vibe that complemented the intimate outdoor setting.

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Tropical Elements

Bride and groom kissing during wedding ceremony
Matt Rice Photography

Petal Productions arranged a beautiful ceremony arch featuring fronds and flowers to match the couple's tropical venue.

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Autumnal Nods

emily scott wedding arch in front of doorway
Jesús Caballero

This broken arch-style ceremony structure was perfect for a fall wedding thanks to the deep, rich-colored flowers.

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An Arched Entryway

floral arch color scheme of white, blush, ivory, and greenery
Ryan Ray

Guests walked through, and under, beautiful blooms of pink, yellow, and white in this incredible wedding arch.

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Overgrown Arch

outdoor ceremony space full floral greenery arch
Kurt Boomer

Tumbling strands of greenery and flowers intertwined for a boho-chic wedding arch at the couple's beautiful outdoor wedding.

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Crocheted Wedding Arch

Max & Friends

At their desert wedding, this couple exchanged vows under a structure built with natural wood, protea, and wax flowers, and topped with a crocheted cloth. They now keep the textile in their living room!

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Easy to Create

white floral and greenery wedding arch for outside ceremony
Anna Peters

The florist put together this wedding arch in only three hours, but the final product was simply gorgeous. Opt for a wedding arch like this one if you're short on setup time, but still want major impact.

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Willow Branch Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Delbarr Moradi Photography

Under an arch designed and built by the bride's architect father, this couple began their new life together. The frame was formed from willow branches sourced from near the river where the bride grew up; flowers from Shotgun Floral Studio that also appeared in her bouquet were woven in at the top.

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Birch and Eucalyptus Arch

Elizabeth Messina Photography

This ceremony marker, made of birch branches and eucalyptus, overlooked California's Tomales Bay at these nuptials.

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Champagne Petals

adrienne will wedding ceremony aisle
Anna Shackleford

Champagne-colored roses wrapped around an arch teaming with greenery, while petals in the same hue lined the aisle.

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Blending Blooms

grace john wedding ceremony floral arrangements creating ceremony arch in grass
Bo Shim of Bashful Captures

This asymmetrical floral arch blended in seamlessly with the wedding's Botanical garden setting.

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White and Green Chuppah

jessica brian wedding chuppah
Abby Jiu Photography

This traditional Jewish wedding structure, known as a chuppah, was filled with white flowers and tons of greenery, all arranged by Designs by Ahn.

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Rustic Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Lauren Kinsey

At this cattle farm wedding in Mississippi, an old logging tool that belonged to the bride's grandfather was decorated with grapevines, peonies, garden roses, and veronica.

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Forest Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Jose Villa

The couple exchanged vows in front of an archway of ferns and white blossoms. Floral designer Mindy Rice, who custom-built the decoration, said, "I combined flowering branches along with soft flowers to make the structure look as though the forest floor had crept in."

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Wooden Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Sara Hasstedt

A natural Aspen wood structure accented with a cluster of various eucalyptus, dahlias, ferns, curly willow branches, clematis, and roses served as a lovely arch.

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Flower Wall Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Leila Brewster Photography

While keeping the ceremony flowers more traditional with white blooms, the bride and her planner created the wall garland as a little foreshadowing to what would take place in the reception room at her Brooklyn wedding. "We came up with an idea for flowers tumbling on the wall," the bride said. "We wanted people to walk in and be floored."

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Beach Wedding Arch

Natalie Watson Photography

At model Renee Puente and actor Matthew Morrison's Hawaii destination wedding, the ceremony arch bloomed with roses, lisianthus, veronicas, passion vines, eucalyptus, and olive branches.

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Rose and Peony Chuppah

The Cedar Room
Jodi & Kurt Photography

Coral and red peonies and roses lent a splash of color to this couple's floral chuppah, framing the newlyweds as they make their vows.

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Rose Wedding Arch

Annie McElwain

This couple read their vows underneath a structure decorated with roses, Aspen leaves, and branches at their ceremony in the mountains of Park City, Utah.

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Rose-Trellis Wedding Arch

Adrienne Page

This couple chose Kiawah Island, South Carolina, for their waterfront celebration, and a rose-trellis arch served as their ceremony centerpiece.

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Green Garland Wedding Arch


Taking advantage of a doorway's natural curve, garlands of greenery were affixed to the stone barn in front of which the couple exchanged vows.

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Climbing Arch

elegant white floral and greenery wedding arch
Amanda Lane

Described by the bride as, "Wild, flowing, and lush," a climbing floral installation served as the arch at a magical Texas wedding.

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Minimalist Blooms

minimalistic wedding ceremony arch adorned with orange flowers and greenery
The Edges Wed

Small clusters of bright flowers were carefully placed around this round arch for a breathtaking ceremony structure.

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Pretty Pink Arbor

Ryan Ray Photography

A wooden arbor received some sweet additions for this wedding. Linens, lace, and soft flowers added the finishing touch.

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Natural Wedding Arch

Amy & Stuart Photography

The bride and groom became Mr. and Mrs. under an arbor covered with echeveria succulents and mood moss.

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Blooming Wedding Arch


The arch at this celebration was adorned with roses and hydrangea, incorporating the color palette and main blooms of the day.

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Wild Wood Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers

The preexisting structure at this North Carolina venue was personalized with fresh greenery and three clusters of flowers.

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wedding couple first kiss under floral ceremony arch
Esther Sun Photography

Keeping the top of the wedding arch sparse allowed for everyone to be able to clearly see the bride and groom.

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Slightly Exposed

katie nicholas wedding arch with mountain backdrop
Justine Milton

A golden arch peeked through climbing vines and overflowing flowers in this wedding arch.

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Made of Stone

alyssa macia wedding ceremony under roman ruins
Branco Prata Studios

Make the most of your venues architecture by choosing an area with a unique, built-in arch. Climbing vines and flowers on the columns added a romantic touch to this wedding.

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large floral and dark wood chuppah
Lisa Blume Photography

The couple had the outward facing side of a chuppah covered in flowers and greenery to create the illusion of a typical arch.

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Simple Wedding Arch

Gia Canali Photography

This couple became husband and wife in California's wine country under an altar constructed of hanging white sweet peas and birch-wood poles.

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outdoor wedding ceremony location with wildflower arch overlooking lake
Ryan Ray Photography

Color-coordinated flowers lined the aisle leading up to an amazing arch.

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Bring the Height

white floral wedding arch outside
Bottega 53

This larger than life arch is filled with white hydrangeas, orchids, and roses for an enchanting mix.

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Cotton Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Elizabeth Messina Photography

Todd Kjargaard of Jackie O enhanced the space at this Toronto wedding with an arch of branches and blooming cotton.

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Cherry Branch Wedding Arch

The Nichols

This couple made it official under a handmade arch of more than 1,500 blooming cherry and pear branches at their Texas wedding.

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Floral Wedding Arch

Carrie Patterson Photography

A floral arch anchored the ceremony area and framed the Tetons perfectly at this Wyoming wedding.

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Gate Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers

This driftwood passageway at these nuptials was covered with roses, eucalyptus, olive branches, and dahlias.

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Rainbow Flowers

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Julia Russell

For this destination wedding in Maine, single-color flower garlands were strung together to create a festive effect on the birch-wood ceremony structure.

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So Simple

A floral arch for wedding ceremony
The Edges

Overgrown, lush white flowers and loads of greenery made for a simple and stunning ceremony arch.

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Column Arch

altar on deck with fall flower arrangements water and dock in background
Elizabeth LaDuca

Flower-ensconced columns created an easy arch for this wedding ceremony.

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Glamorous in All-White

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Jose Villa

Free-flowing white florals turned this simple wood ceremony arch into a beautiful garden-inspired backdrop.

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Jungle Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Mi Belle Photography

This couple wed in a Pacific Coast tropical town beneath an arch twined with bougainvillea and greenery from the nearby jungle.

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Caitlin and Fletcher wedding ceremony arch
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

"Carla with Idlewild Floral created an arch structure made fully of floral and foliage. Nothing was too bold or saturated; all the elements in the arch were textural, soft, and airy," the bride said of the stunning wedding arch.

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Fall Florals

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Katie Stoops Photography

The bride and groom exchanged vows under an arch of fall foliage.

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Beribboned Wedding Arch

Austin Gros

The flowing ribbons on this wedding arch added a bit of whimsy to the garden affair.

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Wedding Arch Crest

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Heather Payne Photography

When you're exchanging vows in front of gorgeous mountains, a simple green arch in the shape of a crest is just about the only décor you really need.

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Fall Greenery

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
KT Merry

The bride and groom said "I do" beneath a wedding arch of luscious fall foliage framing the Irish scenery.

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Minimal and Loose

Landon Jacob

The simple arch of a draped green garland with a cluster of white roses in the corner was a gorgeous focal point for this romantic wedding ceremony.

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Green Wedding Garland

Jen Huang

Opt for a hanging garland rather than a traditional arch or canopy. We love this style: simple and understated but still perfectly romantic.

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Faux Arch

bride in white mermaid wedding dress and groom in black posing for portrait in front of floral arch
Brett Loie

Negative space was key in creating an illusion of a wedding arch created by Lily Roden.

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NBarrett Photography

This teepee-inspired wedding arch with pink florals sets the scene for a whimsical and romantic wedding ceremony.

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Creamy Colors

wooden chairs set up for outdoor ceremony with mountain backdrop
Jose Villa

A lush floral arch with taupe, ivory, mustard, and blush-colored roses brought the wow factor to the wedding.

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Flower-Covered Gate


At this wedding in a hisorical building in Washington, DC, the couple exchanged vows under a romantic canopy flanked by gorgoues bouquets and and a flower-covered antique gate.

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Birch Branch

The Cedar Room
Jodi & Kurt Photography

This birch branch chuppah was decorated with magnolia leaves, hydrangeas, blackberry branches, and eucalyptus.

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Aisle Arches

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
KT Merry

Seriously, how stunning are these eight (yes, eight!) archways lining the aisle of this wedding in the Maldives. The bride said the arches of baby's breath, silk wisteria, and orchids were her "favorite décor element by far," and we totally agree.

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Tree Branch Wedding Arch

Samantha James Photography

This couple used a long branch on the ceremony site as a makeshift arch, decorating it with flowers and greenery. "It was breathtaking and truly beyond my wildest dreams," said the bride.

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Polly Alexandre Photography

Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me wed her husband Freddie under a timeless wedding arch of greenery and white roses.

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Homemade Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Rebecca Amber Photography

This birch wedding arbor was built by the groom from roadside branches and adorned with a green Sweet Woodruff garland.

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Asymmetric Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Kathleen Geiberger Art

Wild Heart Floral & Event Styling designed this beachside wedding arch with bountiful driftwood and an array of magenta roses.

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Scented Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Ulysses Photography

Fresh, fragrant Lilee Fell Flowers gardenias were sprinkled throughout this cedarwood archway, creating a sweet, scented structure that was accented with lush foliage.

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Big-Bloomed Wedding Arch

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Teneil Kable

Olive branches, nandina, smilax, and garden roses come together in this gorgeous, natural, and beautifully-curved wedding arbor.

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Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Ryan Ray Photography

The Southern Table connected two dramatic flower arrangements with a draping foliage garland at this chapel wedding.

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wedding ceremony
Lacie Hansen Photography

This casual, outdoor wedding ceremony included a simple white wedding arbor that matched the scenery and the rest of the décor.

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Yes to Yellow

alexandra david wedding ceremony location floral arch overlooking lake
Jacqui Cole Photography

Natasha Kolenko Designs created a gorgeous composition with pops of orange, rust, and yellow that stood out beautifully against Lake Tahoe.

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Waterfront Chuppah

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Katie Stoops Photography

Birch branches, eucalyptus, and spray roses were included in this shoreline wedding's structure, which was finished off with the groom's family tallit.

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