Warning: Major spoilers ahead!
Bachelor season Nick Viall and contestants
Credit: Courtesy of ABC

Out of the 21 seasons of The Bachelor, this one has definitely been the most…interesting. First, Corrine Olympios-the contestant everyone loved to hate-appeared on social media wearing a ring on that finger. Then, the Bachelor franchise released who would be the next Bachelorette way earlier than normal. Now, to shake things up even more, front-runner and finalist Vanessa Grimaldi was spotted at a wedding dresses shop in Montreal.

Vanessa and the creative coordinator of Montreal bridal shop Le Chateau posed in front of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in an Instagram post (cue a Bachelor Nation freak out). Obviously, this raises a lot of questions, like how could Vanessa spoil this for the rest of us! But TMZ reports that there's nothing to worry about-Vanessa wasn't shopping for a wedding dress to say "I do" to Nick Viall. In fact, sources told the tabloid that Vanessa is likely to work with the shop by partnering to represent the bridal line once The Bachelor concludes.

Last night on the epic three-hour episode of The Bachelor, we learned a little bit more about Vanessa and her relationship with Nick-and it's a little tense. Though the two argued about their future, like where they would live, they spent the night together in the fantasy suite. Then, Vanessa received a rose to make the final two (along with Raven). Despite their occasionally stubborn discussions, this couple has undeniable chemistry. Now that the teacher is a finalist, we can't help but wonder if there's a reason for this partnership. We'll have to find out on-as Chris Harrison would say-the dramatic conclusion of this season of The Bachelor!


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