It's all going to be OK.
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It is a possibility that the wedding won't go off without a hitch (hence, why a wedding planner is a true life saver!). But even if you've hired professional help, it's easy to get overwhelmed when things don't exactly go as planned. If something unexpected does arise, here's how you can cope to make sure it doesn't ruin your big day.

Emotional Stages of a Wedding Day

Breathe, literally

It may sound cliché, says Kindra Browne, owner of wedding planning company Simple Elegance in Olathe, Kansas, but it's good to begin by taking a deep breath. However, there's an art to it. "Close your eyes and count to 10. Forcing your body to focus and breathe will help your physical body to relax for a moment, and for your mind to clear," Browne says.

Establish a back-up plan

Especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding, "Have a 'plan B' and even a 'plan C'-and get your mind to accept that one of these alternate plans may have to be put in place," Browne says. She adds that preparation well before the wedding will help subside feelings of chaos if there's bad weather.

Hire a 'disaster manager'

Feeling serious pre-wedding jitters? Rain in the forecast? Someone needs to be escorted out? Spill something on your wedding dress? Wedding planners-notably those with years and years of experience-will guide you through any issues by quickly putting a plan into motion. "A great wedding planner will have thought of all possible mishaps ahead of time, so trust her to take care of it," Browne says.

Lean on your spouse

After all, this person will be your biggest confidant. Trust in your spouse to support you through anything that may happen the day of your nuptials. Depending on when the problem occurs, find your partner, lock eyes and implement that breathing practice noted above. "Know the most important part of the day is that you two will be married. Very few mishaps or disasters can take that away from you," Browne says.

Be well-nourished

This probably isn't the first thing you'll think about when you're planning an event with all your closest family and friends, but remember to take care of yourself as well as those who will be close to you all day-including your family, your fiancée and your wedding party. Make sure they're good to go during preparation for the ceremony, pre-ceremony photos, the reception, the after party, etc. because it will be a long day! "Staying hydrated and making sure you have protein can help your body handle the excitement and possible anxiety of the day," Browne says. "It also ensures that hopefully none of these precious people gets nervous and passes out."

Add some 'normal' elements into your day

If something like running or working out in the morning is a daily activity, plan that into your wedding day, Browne says. "It sets the clock in your mind and body that you have started this wonderful day out by taking care of you first."


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