You Won't Believe Where Jamie Bell and Kate Mara Got Married

Why did the lovebirds cross the road? To tie the knot!

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Like many couples, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara had trouble choosing their wedding venue. As it turns out, the perfect location was right in front of them-literally. Bell just appeared on The Late Late Show, and finally revealed where he and Mara held their secret celebration, and the spot they chose may surprise you.

"We actually got married right across the street from our house," the actor disclosed to host James Corden. "I literally woke up in my own bed and walked across the street, and we had our ceremony. When we couldn't find anything we just asked the woman who owns the house across the street, 'Do you mind if we do it there?'" Because the site had a "bunch of small, little properties," too, the couple even stayed the night at one of them.


According to Bell, one of the best parts of their decision is that they're constantly reminded of their big day. "Every day we come out of the house, we see the house that we were married in, which is beautiful," he admitted. He also reiterated that his wedding was "very small and intimate," with "only about 60, 70 people there, which was lovely."

Bell and Mara tied the knot last year, but they're "still in the honeymoon phase," according to the star. He previously told Entertainment Tonight, "For me, nothing feels any different, and I think that's the way it should be. You make a dedication to each other, and that's it."

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