In preparation for our engagement shoot, like many brides, I leveraged the World Wide Web for inspiration. I had some half-baked ideas in mind but decided to tap into Google for more. Sadly during my research I kept running into the same gallery of shots that didn't fit us at all. Couples were mostly wearing plaid, posing unnaturally, and they were always in meadows. What's the deal with the meadow trend? Thankfully Bora recognized the disconnect as well and we decided to just tap into the beauty of our city for inspiration.

To save on cost I asked my coworker Angie Lee to be our photographer. She has a wonderful eye and shoots for her own blog "The Cha Effect" so she was a definite yes for us. Per her recommendation, we agreed to walk the streets of TriBeCa and just capture ourselves as we normally are-walking, laughing and playing around on the silly mechanical kid toys that are famously everywhere in this concrete jungle.


Makeup-wise, I have always been obsessed with a bold lip so I wore a ruby lip stain with a liquid lined eye-very similar to the fresh, colorful faces I've been pinning on Pinterest for inspiration. For our outfits we really didn't plan anything, but somehow ended up wearing matching white. Now I know that sounds cheesy but somehow against the colors of the city the white magically worked!


My absolute favorite photo is the image we went with for our save-the-dates. The photo features Bora and me on a friend's rooftop popping champagne with genuine excitement in our faces and the Brooklyn scenery in the background. We wanted the save-the-dates to make people happy and get them psyched for the wild party that's soon to come. When Bora proposed to me on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris he brought along a bottle of wine and two champagne glasses, so I thought it would be a great personal touch for the shoot to include that. We even featured the actual glasses he used in Paris in the shoot.


All in all the experience was a great one and the photos far exceeded our expectations, especially Bora's! He thought engagement photos were unnecessary and wanted to use a photo from one of our previous vacations, but I was able to convince him otherwise. I was passionate about it because I wanted to capture where we are now and just how excited we are for these weddings. Both of our smiles truly prove that.

During this shoot I decided to keep my aligners in to see if I'd notice and just like most people tell me in person, you can't even see them! I'm currently on my 4th set of aligners and have become very comfortable with them. They've become a natural extension of my smile and I'm starting to see the difference in the size of my gap. I can't believe its closing up so fast! Along with savoring memories like our engagement shoot I'm also savoring the final days of my gap because she will be long gone. (And yes, it's a she!)

Disclosure: I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign in exchange for blogging about my bridal journey and treatment, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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