The old rules are getting bent out of shape.

Weddings used to have pretty strict etiquette rules when it came to favors at bridal showers-whether it was a tiny photo frame or a plastic key ring with the bride's name printed on it, the hosts were expected to have a little gift to hand out to every woman in attendance. The fact that most of these often cheap-looking items were thrown out when the guest got home or left behind at the shower eventually made party-givers rethink whether to have them or not. As with most things related to weddings, if you like the idea of a favor, go for it; if you don't, then skip it.

That said, if you're in the "must have" camp, your best chances of guests walking out the door with a favor they like will increase if the item is edible, practical, or not personalized with the bride's name and shower date. Check out some awesome favors ideas below!

Seed Packets

Even if a guest doesn't have a garden, she can still plant a packet of flower seeds in a pot, put it near a window that gets lots of sun, and watch it grow. Since seeds represent new beginnings, it would be completely appropriate to attach a tag to the favor bag that says, "Love blooms."

Mini Potted Plants

If you think your guests aren't the DIY type but you still want to give the gift of greenery, buy miniature plants that just need watering. We especially love the idea of a heart-shaped hoya plant or succulent or cactus; all are especially easy to care for!

Scented Body Scrub

This falls under the "guests will actually use this" category. It's not only a small indulgence in the shower for a busy woman but also an easy DIY project for you: Make it with just a few ingredients like table sugar, oil, and food extract.

Mini Bottles of Wine or Champagne

As long as there's enough for one glass, this favor has done its job! You can easily find these petite pours in popular varietals from leading vineyards. Make them extra special with a customized tag or label.

Pedicure Set

Want a crowd-pleasing idea all guests will love? Think about giving each woman a set of tools and treats for an at-home pedicure. A bottle of bright and cheery nail polish and a nail file is all you really need, or you can go all-out with a set that includes clippers, a brush, or even a few bottles of wedding-worthy colors.

Color-Coordinated M&Ms

Really, who can pass up this popular candy? Fill small bags with M&Ms that coordinate with your bridal shower colors or give guests a preview of your wedding shades. With tons of colors (Dark pink! Platinum! Electric green!) available, your chosen hues are most certainly represented.


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