Most of us have seen The Hangover and wonder if overly-friendly strippers and blackouts are de rigueur when it comes to modern-day stag parties. Breathe easy: You (probably) don't have to worry that your fiancé is going to be stranded on some rooftop. We talked to normal, everyday guys, like your future hubby, and got the deets about what really goes on during the "last" weekend out with his friends.

They re-live their college days

While your finance might not be funneling Pabst, he will probably get pretty drunk to a chorus of "Chug! Chug! Chug!" Most bachelor parties are a reunion of close friends who tend to revert to their younger selves, even if they are choosing top-shelf bourbon.

They do stupid things

And, by stupid, we mean the guys wear Speedo-style swimsuits while lounging in a private cabana-not make out with a hot bottle girl. Since this type of outing isn't his usual night out, the organizer tends to up the ante with some ridiculous shenanigans.

They spend-a lot

Much like your girlfriends try to create a special weekend for you (ahem, spa day), the guys also make the bachelor party into an experience. One group booked a surfing trip to Nicaragua, and another dished out $300 just to cut the line in a Las Vegas nightclub.

They embarrass the groom

This can range from making him wear an inappropriate t-shirt to plastering awkward (poster-sized) pictures all over the country club where they play golf. You always knew guys bonded over dirty jokes, and this is the ultimate showdown.

They may go to a strip club

Obviously, not everyone opts to make a pit-stop at a strip club during the weekend, but for most guys it's the iconic bachelor party milestone. It is what it is and you shouldn't stress over it.

There might be tension

Mixing his childhood best friend with college buddies and new work friends can create an awkward moment, or two. In a perfect world, everyone gets along, but sometimes personalities clash no matter how hard you try to be a team player. This is especially true if someone wants to go drink nonstop while others prefer to chill during the day, or if one of the guys is low on finances and the rest help pick up his tab.

They plan cool stuff

It's not just nightclubs and bottomless tequila. Most guys are busy and value the time off, so they don't want to spend every second partying, or hungover. Weekend activities range from deep sea fishing, touring craft distilleries, golfing, and other outdoorsy adventures.

They are exhausted

A party marathon on minimal sleep, even if you chill during the day, is physically strenuous. This go-go-go mentality is not what most guys are used to and it's going to take a toll. Do him a favor and let him recuperate when he's back and he'll love you even more.

They truly appreciate you

He's not likely to text you every hour, but by the time the party's over, he will definitely miss you. Those crazy weekends are fun, but also a reminder that he is so grateful to have you in his life. Single days take a lot of energy.

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