They'll help you be healthy and glowing on your big day.
Credit: Jens Mortensen

While there isn't a magic elixir to help you feel and look like the picture of health on your wedding day, adding supplements to a balanced diet may give your pre-nuptial wellness regimen an extra boost. Make sure to give them time to work, though, as nothing will happen overnight: New York City nutritionist Brooke Alpert recommends adding supplements to your diet at least two months before your wedding in order to see results. Another tip from the pro? Take them at the same time each day so that you don't forget. "Supplements don't work if you don't take them," she says. "I keep all of mine by my toothbrush so I know I'm taking them at a consistent time." Here, she shares the ones that can help you feel and look like the best version of yourself.


Lack of collagen is essentially what starts the aging process, Alpert says. (In fact, collagen begins to decline in your mid 20s.) To nip those first lines in the bud, she recommends Reserveage Nutrition Collagen Replenish Powder, which you can mix into water (it's flavorless and odorless) or add to oatmeal, yogurt, coffee, or a smoothie. And while you're taking your collagen supplements, try cutting out sugar-it's one of the biggest culprits of collagen depletion.


"Magnesium is basically referred to as the anti-stress supplement; it helps balance your hormone levels and just makes you more relaxed," she says. (Blemishes are a common side effect of high stress.) Alpert recommends Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement by Natural Vitality, and suggests taking it before bed to help you get a good night's sleep.


If you deal with bloating, try taking a probiotic, like Culturelle, Alpert says, as it contains healthy bacteria that helps break down food and regulate digestion. Probiotics might also lead to clear skin, higher energy, and a more balanced mood.

Fish Oil

For shiny, long hair, supple skin, and strong nails, fish oil is the way to go, thanks to the plethora of omega fatty acids it contains. "Nothing ruins a face more than a low-fat diet. Having fat will show up in your skin because our cells are surrounded by fatty membranes and need fat to stay healthy," Alpert says, and recommends Nordic Naturals.


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