Tissue Paper Flowers How-to

In winter, when fresh blossoms may be harder to come by, these lush tissue-paper flowers are in full bloom. Their silver centers are actually Christmas balls, a nod to the season. Arranged at different heights in silver trumpet vases and mint julep cups, they bring whimsy to a formal reception table set in all white.


Tools and Materials

Spiky or round-petaled flower templates in various sizes (the templates are created by you and can be drawn freehand)

Card stock

Tissue paper in a mix of taupe and ivory

Hole punch

Prewired silver Christmas ball ornaments

Paper-White How-To

1. Start by drawing flower shapes in various sizes (we chose to do both a spiky and softer silhouette) onto card stock. Trace onto stacks of tissue paper; cut out, cutting through several layers at once.

2. For each flower, stack five tissue-paper blossoms, mixing sizes but not shapes; punch a hole in the center of each stack.

3. Thread the wires of the ornament down through the hole in the tissue-paper flower. Push petals up around the base of the ball; twist gently at base. Secure wires at the base of the bloom with tape.

4. Arrange flowers in bunches; display in vases or mint julep cups.


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