As if we didn't already love her.
savannah miller pantsuit spring 2018 wedding dress
Credit: Courtesy of Savannah Miller

New York-born, London-raised bridal fashion designer Savannah Miller, who recently showed at White Gallery London, is known for a few essentials: her work with fashion greats (Alexander McQueen, for one), her incredible, chic sense of style, and her profoundly romantic line of wedding dresses. And if you weren't already head over heels for Miller's gorgeous designs and expressive sensibility, these fresh details about the woman behind the work will certainly have you pulling out all the heart emojis. Here are five things to know about the artist herself, Savannah Miller.

She's hopelessly in love with bridal fashion.

Although Miller got her start in ready-to-wear fashion, it wasn't tough for her to make the jump bridal. "I loved being involved in the design process when I got married back in 2005," Miller says. Then Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride stepped in. "[She] saw a picture of my wedding on Instagram and suggested we collaborate. I absolutely loved the romance and beauty of bridal design and fell really in love with it." Proof? She launched her eponymous line last fall and the dresses are nothing less than real live works of love.

She wants each bride to feel like the best version of herself.

Bridal fashion is always evolving, and it looks like Miller is wholly on board with the fresh approach to weddings. "I think there is a lot more consciousness around people feeling freer and less governed by tradition now, which is manifesting in weddings taking on all different sorts of guises," she says. "I design gowns for people to feel like the best version of themselves. They are effortlessly simple and classic with a definite vintage reference point."

She knows exactly who her dream bride is.

"Jane Birkin, all day long," Miller says. "She is the queen of cool in my eyes." We can definitely see where Miller finds inspiration for her own designs!

She pulls inspiration from a favorite era.

When it comes to Miller's primary inspiration for new collections, she doesn't necessarily begin with a place or piece of material. Instead, her current go-to is a fashion aesthetic from another time. "I'm currently completely obsessed with the early bohemians of the 20s and 30s," the designer explains, noting the main draw: those same bohemians lounging around "in silk dresses, utterly effortlessly."

She already knows what's next for her label.

"As the line progresses and we become more aware of who the woman is who is buying the gowns it becomes evidently apparent that women really want individuality on their wedding day," Miller says. "I am going to continue to build on my accessories and am also looking at introducing a capsule evening wear line. Bias cut slip dresses are my jam so expect to see a ton more of those!"


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