Does it really matter how long you've known the person?

You're a lucky girl-you've got many female friends that you're thinking about asking to be a bridesmaid. But reality check: Having 18 bridesmaids walk down the aisle is more parade than bridal party. How do you decide who makes the cut? Should old friends be considered more important than new ones? The length of your friendship shouldn't matter as much as the quality. Here, points to consider when you're trying to choose your bridal party.

If you still click.

Do you get together with an old pal every time you go home to visit Mom and Dad? You only see each other three or four times a year but as soon as you say hello, you both pick up right where you left off last time. She deserves a place in your bridal party.

If she's got your back.

You're having a good time at a girls' night out get-together and you're drinking glass after glass of wine. Who takes your car keys, drives you home, then gets an Uber for herself? A friend who should be a bridesmaid. The girl who wanted to do shots with you, despite seeing how much you'd already imbibed? Put her on the guest list.

If you feel close.

Someone you met in hot yoga class two years ago and who you have drinks and a good time with after each workout can feel like a close friend even if you haven't known each other that long. Do you share worries and dreams with her? If she's a go-to person in good times and in bad, go with her down the aisle, too.

If your friendship has stalled.

"When I get married, you will be my bridesmaid," declared six-year-old you, who had just gone to her cousin's wedding where all the bridesmaids looked like Disney princesses. Your little pal pledged the same. You went through high school together but your friendship eventually faded. When you run into her on the street and you tell her you're engaged, she jokingly reminds you of your mutual promise. Wait, was she joking? No matter. Just smile and change the subject, and don't feel obligated to have her be one of your girls. Jeesh, you were six!


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