We spoke to Dr. Neil Sadick, a top dermatologist from NYC, for the best summer skincare tips.
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Ah, summer weddings … flirty sundresses, warm weather-there isn't much that we don't love about a summertime soirée, except when it makes our skin look less than its best. We spoke with Dr. Neil Sadick of Sadick Dermatology in New York City about the best ways to care for your skin during the summer months, and specifically how summer brides can keep their skin fresh and healthy for their wedding.

Step 1: Avoid the Sun

Dr. Sadick's first piece of advice? "Stay out of the sun," he recommends. "You have to wear sunscreen every day, even if you're not at the beach." We all want that bronzed summertime glow, but the costs of that tan really do outweigh the benefits. Plus, your skin will be less wrinkly later on in life. Instead, try a self-tanner to get that glow. Pro-tip: Self-tanning mousse is great during the summer months because of its lightweight formula, which keeps your skin from getting too oily.

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Step 2: Go Oil-Free

Leading up to your wedding, Dr. Sadick says to use an astringent once a day to keep your skin from getting too oily and to "shower with cool water and apply a gentle moisturizer after your showers." He also recommends using an "exfoliating agent once or twice a week to keep skin feeling fresh." As for the morning of, anti-shine powder can work wonders. So can using an astringent along with a bland, gentle moisturizer. Keep that shine-control powder and the astringent on hand during the wedding in case you start getting a little too shiny.

Step 3: Prep Your Groom

As for the groom? "Same sort of thing," Dr. Sadick explains. He should use an astringent the morning of as well as a hypoallergenic moisturizer-even if he's not allergic to anything, a hypoallergenic lotion will be gentler on the skin. And of course "wearing sunscreen is a must!"

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Step 4: Say Goodbye to Sweat

There's also that issue of sweat. How can a bride keep from sweating during her big day? "A cold soy milk compress can decrease inflammation, and she could go to her dermatologist for a red light LED treatment before the wedding," says Dr. Sadick.

Step 5: Treat Yourself

As for special dermatological treatments? Dr. Sadick's go-tos are from EndyMed, a medical technology company that specializes in aesthetic skin treatments. The Intensif RF Microneedle Treatment is a good one to get leading up to the wedding. "It's a needling radiofrequency treatment, for pigmentation, acne scarring, and wrinkles," Dr. Sadick explains, and it works really well with only a few short appointments. The process tightens and firms the skin by stimulating the body's collagen renewal process, which means your sagging skin will be replaced with smoother, tighter skin, as well as overall improved skin tone and texture.

For the day before, Dr. Sadick recommends EndyMed's 3DEEP skin-tightening treatments, which provide deep, volumetric dermal heating, resulting in smoother skin through collagen stimulation. The body and facial treatments are non-invasive, and according to Dr. Sadick, "it's an excellent technology to use before a wedding. You'll immediately see improvement in terms of skin tightening and decreasing pore size."

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