She just gave new meaning to "taking the leap."
Credit: ellentube

With wedding season well underway, Ellen DeGeneres wanted in on the fun. To celebrate, she "put together some beautiful wedding moments, of people taking the leap." Sounds sweet, right? Turns out, not quite.

6 Real Stories of Weddings Gone Wrong

The comedian's compilation takes, well, a tumble-a hilarious one, at that. Within seconds, you'll be making the face of the man on the left at 0:28, as wedding attendees seem to take the phrase "taking the leap" a bit too seriously. In other words, prepare to see brides, bridesmaids, grooms, and even pants fall down.

Watch and enjoy, and try not to get too concerned about the same happening on your big day. But know that even if it does, if these people survived their run-ins with gravity, you certainly will, too!


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