Let the royal bride-to-be inspire your own contemporary big-day hairstyle.

Meghan Markle Messy Bun
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It's no surprise that Meghan Markle's style has become a main point of inspiration for modern-day brides, especially in the hair department. The future royal's go-to look, a messy-but-polished low bun, melds the contemporary trend of effortless, undone locks with the classic updo. It's the ultimate combination for the of-the-moment bride-to-be.

If you want to recreate an elevated version of her everyday look for your own nuptials (of course you do!), you're in luck. We tapped Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist Marcus Francis to give us a little insight into the style. The best part? He believes the chic bun is beyond versatile and would work with just about any wedding dress neckline or silhouette. "It's one that you'll look back on and not feel like it was too trendy or inappropriate," he says. Here, his step-by-step guide to Meghan's iconic hairstyle-and a few other styling tips to make the regal look your own.

Start with lots of product.

"Many women think clean hair is best," Francis says of big-day styling, "but if it's too clean, you won't achieve the fullness and it won't last as long." His advice? Prep your hair with plenty of product. "The product roughens up the hair strands which help build memory to any shape, not to mention it makes it much easier to style," he explains. If you're starting wet, he recommends working Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse from mid-shafts through the ends before applying R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray at the roots.

Don't go Kate Middleton on your blow out.

Meaning, don't worry about creating a smooth, bouncy base-the whole point is texture! "Rough dry the hair until it's about 40% dry," continues Francis. "Then, use a paddle brush or round brush to finish."

Create the bun.

The basis for Markle's messy bun is a low ponytail, so when you're ready to get styling, start there. After giving your head a once-over with Suave Professionals Natural Refresh Dry Shampoo or Oribe Texturizing Spray, take a piece of the ponytail and twist before pinning at the base of the head. Seeing wisps and flyaways? Leave them. "The idea is for it to not feel perfect but effortless, keeping fullness. As long as the overall shape looks good and has a round figure, you're set!" says Francis. When you've pinned up all the hair, finish with a flexible hairspray, like the Suave Professionals Natural Hold Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray.

Make it your own.

We're all for recreating Meghan's look-but it's important to work with your own personal vision. To achieve this, Francis suggests leaving a few face-framing layers out around the face to soften the look. Alternatively, add more texture by curling the hair before you begin to create a wavy, beachy interpretation. Craving a few accessories? Floral combs, gold chains, and barrettes all make perfect look-defining touches.


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