Single-Flower Wedding Bouquets for Minimalist Brides

blue bouquet josh dana fernandez mibellarosa
Photo: Josh & Dana Fernandez

One variety is all you need to make a modern statement.

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blue bouquet josh dana fernandez mibellarosa
Josh & Dana Fernandez

Though classic, romantic wedding bouquets will always be in style, it's been exciting to watch how modern brides bring the traditional floral accessory into the here and now. If we've noticed anything about the contemporary wedding bouquets of late, it's that they've trended towards the uniform. We're talking simple, same-throughout arrangements that feel unfussy and chic. Just take monochromatic bouquets, for instance—comprised of blooms in just one color (or a same-hue gradient), clutches felt instantly upgraded and intentionally modern.

Single-flower wedding bouquets take that trend one step further. More and more brides are carrying bunches comprised entirely of the same type of flower down the aisle. The resulting look is a streamlined arrangement that feels simultaneously contemporary and classic. It's true—these same-bloom styles appeal to both traditional and modern brides-to-be, alike. The difference in style really comes down to flower type. A bouquet made out of all-white roses or pretty pink peonies feels decidedly traditional, while bushels of sleek calla lilies feel distinctly fresh and unique. This Mibellarosa bundle of blue delphinium falls into the latter camp.

That's the best part about this bouquet style—it's incredibly versatile. In some ways, though, same-flower wedding bouquets go beyond categories like "classic" and "modern." They're not just an arrangement of blooms your florist thinks works together: they're a simple collection of a floral you (and you alone!) truly love. If you couldn't imagine holding any other bloom but your favorite on your wedding day, the following single-flower style is definitely for you. Click through to discover some of our favorite examples.

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single flower wedding bouquet lilacs held by bride in sheer sparkly dress
Lauren Fair Photography

A big bunch of lilacs makes for a multidimensional bouquet, even if it's the only bloom involved—note the different tones of natural purple in this Oleander Curated clutch.

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Sweet Peas

single flower wedding bouquet begonias
Savan Photography

We're loving the barely-there pink ombré effect of this The Blooming Bud sweet pea arrangement.

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single flower wedding bouquet dried wildflowers held by bride in jumpsuit
Trynh Photo

Dried varieties of wildflowers work just as well in single-flower wedding bouquets. The result? A bohemian and vintage-inspired clutch, à la this one by Siren Floral Co.

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single flower wedding bouquet pink tulips held by bride in black dress
Kayla Barker

This Sprout Flowers beauty proves that there's nothing more feminine and spring-forward than a just-tulips bouquet.

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single flower wedding bouquet white roses held by bride embracing groom
Kevin Glaser

If you're in the process of planning the traditional celebration of your dreams, you've likely already considered a beautiful bouquet of wedding-white roses. This Seaberry Farm masterpiece will convince you to go for it.

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single flower wedding bouquet lavender bundled with white ribbon
Kristina Adams

Here's another dried floral type to use exclusively in your bridal bouquet: lavender. What the photo of this petite clutch, sourced from the Santa Barbara Lavender Farm, doesn't convey, however, is the variety's incredible scent, which added another layer to this bride's big-day aesthetic.

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single flower wedding bouquet pink dahlias on tan couch
Karen Wise

Dahlias are lush and full enough to stand out all on their own—no filler or greenery needed. A pretty pearl-accented ribbon wrap, like the one seen on this Diana Gould Ltd. arrangement, makes for a pretty touch that won't take away from the blooms.

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Calla Lilies

single flower wedding bouquet calla lilies held by bride embracing groom
Abby Jiu Photography

Make like this bride and carry only modern and sleek calla lilies—these were arranged by Sweet Root Village—on your big day.

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Dogwood Bouquet
Rylee Hitchner

There's something so romantic about the four-leaved dogwood bloom. This Amy Osaba arrangement is proof that the small white buds, paired with their accompanying leaves, are all a bride really needs.

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Harwell Photography

A few bushels of hydrangea make for an easy, affordable, and simple bridal bouquet. This bride carried a blue variety (arranged by Fishers Flowers), which referenced the pale, milky-blue crystals on her wedding dress.

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poppy bouquets lauren love photography orange
Lauren Love Photography

Poppies' sunny hue—the bright yellow-orange is so celebratory!—makes them a go-to big-day bloom. We particularly love this beauty by White Magnolia Designs, which features the bloom in all different sizes.

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Lily of the Valley

bouquet wraps ribbon green flowers
Jose Villa

These bell-shaped buds connote classic wedding symbolism (they represent happiness, luck, and purity), which makes them a great on-their-own option. Sharla Flock Design was responsible for this petite display.

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These long-stemmed, dramatic delphiniums from California Floral & Design are the ultimate "something blue"—and they're perfect for an easy-breezy beach ceremony.

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Multi-Colored Roses

wedding bouquet
Rachel Meagan Photography

Another advantage of uniform blooms? They're infinitely easier to DIY into a bouquet. This bride, of UrbanStems, did just that with these pink, white, and green garden roses, which she arranged into a lush, cascading creation.

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White Peonies

abby marcus wedding bouquet 100
Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

An all-white bouquet won't detract from your bridal gown, which makes a pretty bunch of full-bloom peonies, like these from Sweet Root Village, a solid choice.

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Elizabeth Messina Photography

Perfect for a winter wedding, in-season hellebores are sweet, dainty, and pretty enough to fly solo. Brown Paper Design created this bride's petite clutch.

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Red Peonies

fall wedding bouquet
Patrick Moyer

Getting hitched in the fall, instead? Giant red peonies, like the ones seen in this Oak & the Owl masterpiece, pay homage to the period all on their own. We love how this bride paired the blooms with floor-length, multi-colored ribbons as accents.

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garland bouquets carmen and ingo
Carmen and Ingo Photography

Looking to redefine wedding bouquets entirely? Consider a unique, tropical bouquet, like this protea arrangement by Moana Events. The all-white orchid garland is a nice touch, too.

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