Greet your out-of-town guests with these thoughtful goodies.

Whether you're having a destination wedding or a local soirée, many people will travel great distances to attend your big day. What better way to show your gratitude than greeting guests with customized welcome bags upon arrival? Here are 10 goodies to include for a perfectly memorable pre-wedding package.

A Cute Container

Before you pick the goodies that will go inside, you need to chose a container for your welcome gifts. The carryall should match your wedding theme and décor, whether it's a tote, decorative box, wicker basket, or brown paper bag. While you can decorate the containers for your celebration, avoid adorning them with wedding dates or names-especially if you want guests to reuse them post-ceremony. After all, totes can easily be recycled as shopping bags, and wicker baskets may become décor elements in a guest's home!

Wedding Information

If you're having a destination wedding, consider including wedding-related paperwork in the bag, such as contact information for wedding attendants, a schedule of events, and details about lodging and transportation. Your schedule should include dates, times, locations, and dress codes for each event, so guests have no lingering questions about the itinerary.


To save guests from trips to the hotel vending machine, include a few bottles of water in each wedding welcome bag. Your friends and family will appreciate other beverages as well, like bottles of tangy orange juice, celebratory champagne, or relaxing tea blends.


Don't let your wedding guests suffer from midnight cravings or midday hunger pangs. Fill each package with snack options to suit everyone-something sweet (candy or baked goods), something salty (chips, crackers, or popcorn), and something healthy (trail mix, granola bars, fresh fruits, or vegetables).

Local Treats

To personalize the package for your wedding, incorporate some local treats in the welcome bag. Are you getting married in New England? Buy some Cape Cod chips and lobster-shaped chocolates for the guests. Georgia brides can choose fresh-picked peaches, while Ohio brides may opt for the state's signature Buckeye candies.

Venue Necessities

Couples may want to give their guests necessities related to the wedding location. For example, flip flops, sunglasses, and sunscreen may come in handy for a beach wedding while bug spray and matches will be much appreciated in a woodsy outdoor setting.

A Guide to the Area

Out-of-town guests won't be familiar with the surrounding area. Make their lives easier by including a list of nearby restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the welcome bag. If the area is extremely walkable, a map of the area may be useful as well.

Post-Wedding Recovery Supplies

There's a good chance your guests won't be feeling their best the morning after your wedding. Prepare for the situation by assembling a hangover recovery kit with items like Advil, mints, mouthwash, and bandages to cover those painful and inevitable blisters. Your party-loving friends will thank you!

Items for Pampering and Relaxing

Destination weddings are usually full of fun events and activities. To help your guests unwind at night, put some pampering products in their welcome bag. Fragrant soaps, soothing lotions, and hydrating lip balms are all reliable options.

Thank-You Notes

While the goodies in your welcome bag will make your guests feel appreciated, nothing shows gratitude more than a handwritten note. Write a short thank-you card for each friend or relative who traveled long-distance to attend your wedding, and they'll be impressed with your thoughtful hospitality.


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