11 Cool Wedding Bars That Served It Up Big

Island Wedding Bar
Photo: Carrie Patterson

Sip, sip, hooray for these chic stations.

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Wedding bars often go by the moniker "watering holes" for a reason—at one point or another, nearly everyone rolls through! Elevate these high-traffic areas beyond basic and boring to automatically guarantee yourself some ultra-impressed guests. Ahead, we're sharing real couples who took the serving-station challenge in stride, dreaming up the wine bars, beer bars, and cocktail bars of your dreams. Beachy, boho, rustic, casual, or luxe, these real weddings diversified the standard setup, and their thematic, accessible, and one-of-a-kind structures made celebratory sipping a breeze.

Ready to capitalize on booze space like they did? Take some hints from these show-stopping stations. Party drinks have never been better housed, serving beverages has never been more fun, and wedding bars have never been cooler. These designs are sure to lift (and store!) your spirits—we'll raise a glass to that!

This island welcome party took place off the coast of Florida, but its beachy bars were inspired by those the couple sipped at in Mykonos. The celebration featured four drink stations in total: One for rum, one for margaritas, one for beer, and one for rosé.

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Monogrammed Bar

katie simon wedding bar
ali + julie

The groom made this moss-monogrammed station, which stood to serve wine and beer. The reception also included a tequila cocktail bar.

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Casual Bar

Island Wedding Bar

A light-up sign and sandy wood served as the backdrop for this welcoming bar. The structure sat on the venue's lawn and offered refreshing, citrusy cocktails. Also on site? A craft beer station serving selections from Ballast Point.

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Summery Bar

Island Wedding Bar
Liz Banfield

This summery set-up included a pretty pattern and stylish monogram. The bar was customized by A Day in May and served seasonal sips like watermelon martinis.

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Cabin Bar

Island Wedding Bar
Kristyn Hogan

This outdoor structure stood beside the couple's cabin home, and was stocked with wines from their personal collection.

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Dresser Bar

shannon jon wedding bar
Sylvie Gil Photography

Vintage home furnishings were transformed into a chic drink station at this whimsical wedding. The dresser and shelving unit held books, knick-knacks, and flowers, plus all the ingredients necessary for a makeshift cocktail bar. The final touch? A tongue-in-cheek sign stating "Prohibition Ends Here."

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Bar Cart

Island Wedding Bar
Bryan Gardner

This custom-designed cart served a very specific treat—made-to-order "snow cups" with a limoncello spike.

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Hand-Me-Down Bar

Sasithon Photography of The Wedding Artists Collective

This couple repurposed the bar from the groom's brother's wedding—the unique wooden station was spruced up with flowers and greenery.

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Bohemian Bar

wedding bar
Koby Brown

This blue-gray base received a boho upgrade thanks to a graphic monogram. The same pattern was used throughout the celebration, while the foliage garland added a touch of greenery to the bar.

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Exclamatory Bar

chrissy and jons cheers bar
Corbin Gurkin

This simple bar spoke for itself with a custom-made wooden sign modeled off the font used on the wedding's stationery.

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Overgrown Bar

wedding bar
Maui Maka Photography

This beautiful bar practically blended in with the bushes. Ironically, that's what made it a total standout.

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