DIY Table Numbers to Count on for a Special Touch


Crafty ideas for digits that will show the way at your reception.

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YunHee Kim

Here is one equation that adds up: Downloadable designs plus full how-tos equals easy-to-make table numbers that will direct your wedding guests to their seats in style.

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Vino Table Numbers

Courtesy of Studio 11 Photograph

Flag your reception tables and provide the first round of drinks with these DIY wine bottle tags.

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Fabric Cutout Table Numbers

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Colorful cloth table numbers can softly (and chicly) guide guests to their seats.

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Origami Table Numbers


Revelers will easily spot their places when these geometric shapes are perched among table place settings.

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Seaweed Table Numbers

Raymond Hom

Our ocean-inspired clip art gives table numbers—and place cards—beachy vibes.

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Painted Brushstroke Table Numbers

Alpha Smoot

This simple, museum-worthy idea involves placing a numeral sticker on a watercolor postcard, and crisscrossing over it with a wide brush.

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Classic Table Numbers

Johnny Miller

Use our downloadable templates to print your own version of these cards. You have a choice of two border styles—one with a regular looping scallop and the other with a more free-form frame.

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Modern Table Numbers


Creating these sleek numerals is as easy as print, cut, and fold. There are blue and orange options, too, so you can mix and match to your heart's content.

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Table-Number Centerpiece

Charles Schiller

Enamel pails overflowing with fresh green and white hydrangeas do double-duty as table numbers with the addition of numeral stickers.

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Iron-On Fabric Wedding Table Numbers

Madeline Trait

For these DIY reception markers, fabric gets a quick iron-on treatment before being framed in a vintagey embroidery hoop.

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Monogrammed Table Numbers

Bryan Gardner

You can leave your mark on nearly every tabletop item, including the calligraphed numbers; our downloadable set includes 1 to 25.

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Three-Dimensional Cardboard Table Numbers

Aaron Delesie

Nestled amid a tablescape, you would never know these pretty sculptural numerals are made by stacking together the everyday paper good.

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Striped Table Numbers

Raymond Hom

Download this bright style to add a pop of color to any reception table.

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Wine Bottle Table Numbers

Emily Roemer

Download our clip art to create custom covers for your wedding wine or bubbly. Bonus: The wraps also direct guests to their places.

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Photo Table Numbers

Annie Schlechter

Help guests locate their seats with whimsical tented cards featuring your photos. Take snapshots of the two of you holding numbered signs—you can use different poses for each one.

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Trifold Table Numbers

Sivan Lewin

Like a beacon, this table number declares its location in all directions.

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Numbers-Around-Town Cards

Monica Buck

Searching for the perfect table numbers? Look no further than your front door—and those of your neighbors. Snap digital photos of house numbers, as well as those on awnings and signs.

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Quilled Table Numbers

Charles Schiller

Turn table numbers into works of art with quilling paper. Print out your digits in a desired font (a fancy shape lends itself well to quilling) to create your own template to shape the numbers.

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Velvet Vessel Table Numbers

YunHee Kim

Calligraphed table numbers are easy. Heat-stamped numbers on plush velvet ribbons? Easy and gorgeous. Wrap your vases with them for an elegant way to guide your friends and loved ones to their seats.

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