The to-do list doesn't go away once the wedding is over.
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Now that the wedding festivities are over, it's time for you and your new husband or wife to start settling into life as a married couple. But how do you do that, exactly? It all starts as soon as you return home from your honeymoon. After all the excitement of your wedding day and post-nuptial vacation, it can be easy to forget about the small details that still need to get done. Here, the five most important things to cross off your newlywed to-do list after the honeymoon.

Start Writing Thank-You Notes

You and your husband or wife just returned to a home filled with new registry gifts, and it's time to start writing and sending thank-you notes for each of those special presents. To make it easy, make sure to have someone else write down each gift and who gave it to you as you open the presents. Then, after the honeymoon, you two can plan an at-home date night and knock out note writing as you enjoy a bottle of wine, a homemade meal, and your favorite movie.

Return and Exchange Gifts

There's always a few guests who think it's a good idea to go off-registry when choosing gifts, and you're sure to end up with at least a couple of duplicates, too. Gather all of your returns and exchanges and match them up with a list of items you may not have received. You can take all of those unnecessary housewares back and get the things you really need.

Check in With Vendors and Write Reviews

The last thing you're probably thinking about at the end of the wedding is whether or not everything was taken care of with your vendors. As a courtesy, give each of your pros a call and make sure that your payment was received. This is also a great time to personally thank them for their service. Depending on how it went, you may even want to write a review for their business on their Facebook pages or wedding planning website. Future brides and grooms will appreciate hearing about your experience.

Merging Your Money

If you haven't already discussed your finances as husband and wife, now is the time to do so. Decide if you will be sharing an account or keeping them separate. If you are sharing, discuss a budget and go over your spending in detail.

Changing Your Name

If you are changing your last name to your spouse's, start gathering all of the documents that will need your new last name, like your social security card, license, and bank statements. You'll find it's much more helpful to get everything changed at the same time as opposed to having to change your name as different situations arise.


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