Hoping your college roommate chats up your future husband's childhood friend? Find-your-match cards are a sweet way to ensure they'll meet.

Announce the rules early in the evening (consider asking a member of your wedding party to explain them). Each guest will receive a card with the name of one half of a famous couple -- and will have until the end of the night to find its mate.

Download our heart cards and print onto card stock. Use a craft knife and metal straightedge to cut across the paper between the crop marks (do not cut all the way to the edge of the paper; this will leave the crop marks on the edges intact for subsequent cuts).

See below for our list of famous couples. Write one name from each pair on either side of the heart. Then use decorative scissors to cut through the center of each heart to create two cards.

If you want to use this game with a large guest list (we've rounded up the names of 50 couples, which will accommodate 100 guests), feel free to use some of the name pairs twice; just be sure to cut the duplicate cards in half with a different pair of decorative scissors, so the pattern will tell people which set of cards is a perfect match. (Of course, you can add your own name pairs as well.)

If you'd like, you can use the game to deliberately pair up specific people: Use the heart cards as table cards, writing guests' names and table numbers on the backs of the cards; or use place cards to assign seats at each table and set the proper half of the heart card there.

The game can also help to promote mingling between the two sides of the family: Place all the women's names at the tables where the bride's side of the guest list will sit, and place the men's names at tables where the groom's friends and family will be seated.

Famous Couples

Adam & Eve

Beauty & the Beast

Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins

Bonnie & Clyde

Elvis & Priscilla

Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire

Joanie & Chachi

King Kong & Fay Wray

Bogart & Bacall

Lois Lane & Clark Kent

Lucy & Ricky

Daisy Buchanan & Jay Gatsby

Carrie & Mr. Big

Scarlett & Rhett

Romeo & Juliet

Charlie Brown & Little Red-Haired Girl

Tarzan & Jane

Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy

Ozzie & Harriett

Claire Huxtable & Cliff Huxtable

Blondie & Dagwood

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Barbie & Ken

Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass

Homer & Marge

Princess Leia & Han Solo

Scully & Mulder

June Carter & Johnny Cash

Buffy & Angel

Harry & Sally

Popeye & Olive Oyl

Wendy & Peter Pan

Dylan & Brenda

Ross & Rachel

Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

Luke & Laura (from "General Hospital")

Ashford & Simpson

Fred & Wilma

Guinevere & Sir Lancelot

Sonny & Cher

Thurston Howell III & Lovey Howell (from "Gilligan's Island")

Westley & Buttercup (from "The Princess Bride")

Bruce Wayne & Vicki Vale

Captain John Smith & Pocahontas

Kermit & Miss Piggy

Cinderella & Prince Charming

Ariel & Prince Eric (from Disney's "The Little Mermaid")

Aladdin & Jasmine (from Disney's "Aladdin")

Cleopatra & Marc Antony

Tristan & Isolde

Ward Cleaver & June Cleaver

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

Mike Brady & Carol Brady

Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson

Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester


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