We're definitely taking notes.
Sean and Catherine Lowe on their wedding day
Credit: Catherine Lowe via Instagram

Sean and Catherine Lowe are finally sharing all their Bachelor secrets. The couple, who tied the knot in 2014, is one of only a few Bachelor couples to actually say "I do"-and stay married!-after getting engaged on the reality television show. Now they're opening up about what it was really like to meet on television and what they feels makes their relationship different. "Part of our success comes from the fact that we're not the typical Bachelor couple," Sean told ET, reflecting on their now very normal everyday life. "We don't do a lot of the Bachelor reunions and go and meet up-that's just not us. We live our own life and do our own thing, so we don't really feel that pressure and that's the way we like it."

The couple, who welcomed their first child last year, still finds it a little bit strange that they met and fell in love on a reality television series and Sean even acknowledged that he still asks Catherine if she can believe that's where they first connected. Catherine, for her part, compares the whole situation to online shopping. "[It was] like I saw him on TV, was like, 'I want him,' then got him," she jokes. She also reflected on her doubts during filming and how the format of the TV series forces potential couples to get serious about their relationship expectations extra fast.

As for married life, their relationship hasn't been without its share of challenges and compromises. Sean cites difficult stretches during their engagement while he was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and spent up to 12 hours each day in rehearsals, while Catherine recalls the struggle of upending her life in Seattle to move to Dallas when the couple got married. "The first year of marriage was the hardest," she said. "But once you go through those hardships, you grow, understand each other better and understand what you need better."

Still, the couple hasn't forgotten their promises to each other, or how happy they are to be together. "The promise that he made when we were engaged was, 'I will tell you I love you every day,'" Catherine shared tearfully. "And he has. And not only has he told me, he's shown me. If I say, 'Baby I need you to change this diaper, will you do that?' He's never said no to me once. And…as a new mom, as a wife, you just need someone to say, 'I'll do it.'" Cue the waterworks, and all the awws. Does it get any sweeter?


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