Orange Wedding Centerpieces

Classic Centerpiece


Table arrangements for your wedding in bright oranges and peaches.

Round centerpieces of tightly packed roses sit on hand-sewn runners.

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Modern Centerpiece


Bright bunches of sweetpeas, poppies, roses, ranunculus, and astrantia pop when placed in cloth-covered vases.

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Casual Centerpiece


Small arrangements of citrus-hued flowers like dahlias and roses have an informal feel.

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Glamorous Centerpiece

Justine Ungaro

A grand and beautiful centerpiece of tree branches, decorated with orange orchids and candles, adorning each table makes a big statement.

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Fruit Centerpiece


White bowls and platters are filled with navel oranges, clementines, and kumquats, while lemon leaves and white gardenias, orchids, and stephanotis add contrast.

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Autumn Centerpiece


A white-pumpkin shell becomes the vase for an arrangement of roses, daffodils, ranunculuses, calla lilies, tulips, and hypericum berries in fall colors

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Carnation Centerpiece


For big-impact table decor on the cheap, cluster carnations in minimalist vases that offset their ruffled softness.

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Poppy Centerpiece


Soft-hued poppies in vases accented with wood veneer paper are perfect for a warm reception.

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Fruit Centerpiece


Baskets brimming with fruit imbue a reception with rustic charm.

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Classic Centerpiece


Fringed and parrot tulips set off by single peonies and sweet peas create a lavish centerpiece in coral-pink, orange, and cream. Stems are snipped to four inches and gathered in a wire frog to shape the mix in a footed porcelain bowl.

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Suspended Centerpiece


Elevate your reception with hanging floral arrangements of fuchsia blooms, garden roses, dahlias, gloriosa lilies, and camellia foliage in metal baskets lined with moss and floral foam.

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Rose Centerpiece

Johnny Miller

Romantic Majolica, garden, and spray roses make contemporary centerpieces when juxtaposed with geometric terra-cotta pots.

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Casual Centerpiece


Small centerpieces of peach parrot tulips, garden roses, lady's mantle, variegated Solomon's seal, unripened blackberries, hosta foliage, begonias, peonies, Annabelle hydrangea, and beech tree foliage convey an informal vibe.

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