Make your bridal arrangement a little more special with these expert-approved tips.
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Credit: Kate Headley

Brides have been carrying bouquets of flowers down the aisle for years, but that doesn't mean yours has to look just like everyone else's. If you're looking for some fresh, meaningful ways to make your floral arrangement a little more special to you, you're in luck. We asked florits to share their favorite ways to personalize a big-day bouquet, and their unique ideas will get your creativity flowing.

Use Sentimental Items

There's no better way to personalize your bouquet than to use special items that mean something to you. Jinger Leonard, owner of the Flower House in Livermore, California, sees a number of brides who want to customize their bouquets with sentimental items. "We frequently use some lace or fabric from their mother's or grandmother's wedding dress," she says, adding that these pieces of fabric can be tied around the bouquet stems or fashioned into a bow. These aren't the only family items you can include, though. Wedding rings from older generations of family, small photos affixed to the bouquet itself, handkerchiefs, pins, and even garters are making an appearance on bouquets; the pro says one bride even used her sorority pin to keep the lace in place.

Choose Something Religiously Significant

Courtney Kroymann, owner of Seattle-based florist Designs by Courtney, suggests personalizing your bouquet with religious elements. "Rosary beads and necklaces can be wrapped around and pinned onto the ribbon," she explains. She's also a big proponent of using "charms, lockets, broaches, rings, and other jewelry" on the handles of her bouquets.

Skip the Flowers

Not a big fan of traditional flowers? Make like many brides and carry an alternative down the aisle. Kroymann says she's seen more women select bouquets of succulents, which provide plenty of color and can live on long after your big day. "I've had many brides plant their bouquet and the groom's boutonnière and enjoy them for years to come," Kroymann says. If you're more of a bookworm, consider folding pages of your favorite book into flowers and carrying that down the aisle.

Think Beyond the Bouquet

A bouquet of fresh flowers is far from your only option. For instance, you could have your bridesmaids carry small lanterns that will provide a magical, ethereal quality to the entire ceremony. Likewise, ask your attendants to carry baskets, small purses, clocks, or beautiful paper fans. "A special family Bible or other sentimental book could be decorated with a special smaller corsage style design and carried in lieu of a bouquet," Kroymann adds. You could also create a small bouquet of edible flowers, vegetables, and herbs for something different and festive; good options include kale, rosemary, berries, and lavender. Or compose a bunch of already-dried flowers, which gives off a rustic, vintage effect.


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