Keep the cross-table conversation flowing with elegant, low floral runners and place-card holders. They're easy on the eye and easy to re-create. Enlist lush peonies and gaylax leaves to compose your arrangements, then scatter artfully down the center of your reception tables.

What You'll Need

  • CB2 "Modern" salad plate and dip dish
  • Floral foam
  • Gaylax leaves
  • Three large peonies

How-To Make the Floating Flowers

  1. For the runner, cut floral foam, a spongelike anchor used by florists, to fit a 7-inch-wide shallow dish, and add water. Stick the stems of gaylax leaves into the foam. Then insert two or three large peonies, with stems trimmed, on top.
  2. For the place-card holder, cut floral foam to fit a 3 1/2-inch-wide shallow dish, and follow the directions above, except use only one peony. Tuck a place card inside the flower.


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