How2Girl Courtney Sixx shares how to show your gratitude for guests who have come to spend a Thanksgiving or any festive fall celebration.
courtney sixx thanksgiving

One very good reason to be thankful? For your wedding, or other celebrations surrounding your nuptials. How2Girl blogger Courtney Sixx was inspired by the holiday season to create these take-home gifts for your fall wedding-or for your Thanksgiving! Bonus: They're much simpler to make than a holiday feast-with wrappings that are equally festive, too.

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Your First Thanksgiving Dinner
courtney sixx thanksgiving

Sweet Apple Treats

Dress up a seasonal favorite: Store-bought skewers are spray-painted a metallic copper, then inserted into the top of washed deep red apples with stems removed. The apples are partially dipped in hot caramel (so as not to completely cover the beautiful red hue) then placed onto greased wax paper to cool. A twine tie is embellished with acorns that have been spray-glued and glittered and hot-glued on. Set out on a serving tray with a framed note inviting guests to take one to go.

Apple Desserts We Love for Weddings
courtney sixx thanksgiving

A Turkey Dessert

Create a chocolate and gold flanked version of the expected dish. Melt chocolate discs in a double boiler, or create your own with one of Courtney's favorite tips: Boil a couple of inches of water in a large stock pot, place a heat-proof bowl filled with chocolate on a cookie cutter set in center of pot (this raises bowl just enough out of boiling water). Pour melted chocolate into turkey mold, using a wood skewer to be sure chocolate has reached all the crevices of mold design; let cool and remove from mold. Paint tail of "turkey" with edible gold shimmer that's been melted with white chocolate discs. Display in compote with straw "nest" and a festive bow tied at the vessel bottom.

Chocolate Wedding Favors That Are Too Sweet To Pass Up
courtney sixx thanksgiving

Pint-Sized Pies

Make your mark on a store-bought pie. Using cookie cutters, cut festive shapes out of pastry dough and set on top of pie. Brush with an egg wash, sprinkle with sugar, and place in oven to brown. Package in painted wood boxes-paint to desired color, spray top with Tacky Glue, then sprinkle with glitter; tie ribbon band around top, then hot glue on pressed leaves and a crystal embellishment. Line the inside with velvet.

Wedding Pies So Good, Guests Will Want a Second Slice
courtney sixx thanksgiving

Breakfast Basket

Gather fixings for breakfast the next day in a basket wrapped in tulle. Pumpkin bread pudding with a gourmet preserve wrapped in velvet ribbon work well with a gingham liner; the same cloth is used to frame the jar label-cardstock is hot-glued to the fabric and secured to a length of ribbon-and hang tag.

Pumpkin Dessert Ideas for a Fall Wedding or Bridal Shower
courtney sixx thanksgiving

Seasonal Spices

Gather smells of the season. Sew maroon tulle bags with a matching ribbon tie and festoon with dramatic cord and lace trims to fill with mulling spices. Fill each bag with equal parts allspice and cloves. Slice fresh ginger and zest orange peels, then place in oven to dry. Add all to bag, then add cinnamon sticks.

Edible Wedding Favors Guests Will Eat Up (Literally!)
courtney sixx thanksgiving


Photography by Joey Carman Photography; @joeycarman

3M Tacky Glue, crystals, filler, turkey molds, boxes, paints, glitter, cardstock, tags available at Michaels.

All fabrics and trims available at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Frame and compotes available at Home Goods.

Rustic Fall Wedding Centerpieces


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