Some brides are saying goodbye to the iconic paper guest book and welcoming its more contemporary digital cousin

By Nancy Mattia
June 26, 2019
photo booth set up with carnations

Nothing's wrong with a traditional guest book. Guests know the drill: Sign their name and write a sweet message for the newlyweds. Some of your loved ones will comply; others will forget to sign or aren't interested. But would the percentage of participants increase if, instead of a book made of paper, your family and friends got to record videos, snap photos, and post them into a digital version? That's where a digital guest book comes in.

What is a virtual guest book?

It's pretty simple: A digital guestbook is the technological equivalent of the classic guest book. These interactive versions let guests take photos or record video messages.

How does it work?

First, you download a wedding guestbook app onto your tablet. While each app may be slightly different, it'll go something like this: A guest touches the screen, makes sure he's standing on a designated spot on the floor, leaves a message or photo, and when finished, he presses "done." Later the bride and groom can turn their virtual guest book into a traditional paper book by making a PDF and printing it. You can also share the PDF via Facebook and Twitter.

How will guests know what to do?

Leave simple printed directions held in a pretty frame on the table.

Where should you put it?

Since you want guests to see it, put the iPad in a prominent place, such as the escort card table or near the entrance to the reception. Some guests may need some help creating their video, so it would be a good idea to assign a guest-maybe a friendly teen cousin?-to man the table to answer any questions and coax guests to sign on.


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