Spoiler alert: It's not a wedding dress.
Bride and groom with funny first look video
Credit: Paul Seiler via Instagram

Your wedding day is an emotional rollercoaster-this is especially true for your first look. It's the first time you'll see your partner before the ceremony, and when you both look your best. You'll laugh, and cry, and it will be a memory you'll never forget. This was definitely the case for Tom and Beth Gardner, whose first look was different. Very, very different.

On their wedding day, Tom waited for Beth to tap him on the shoulder so he could turn around and see his beautiful bride. Instead, he laid his eyes on a huge, puffy T-Rex standing there rather than Beth. Except, it was Beth…just in a different outfit.

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From the video, you can see how nervous and excited Tom is to see his beautiful bride. When he turns around to see Beth in the costume, waving her tiny arms, he can't stop laughing-and neither can we!

It was Beth's idea to pull the prank on Tom, and with the help of photographer Paul Seiler, wedding consultant Sarah Munroe, and videographer Jon Clark, it was clearly a success! Beth's middle name is Rex, so naturally she wanted to incorporate than into her joke. "It's rare that a bride would even consider something like this considering the potential hair and makeup issues that could come from it," Clark told Scary Mommy. "So without being too pushy, we let her know how amazing it would be to make it happen."

While Beth played a prank on Tom, he was actually sending sweet surprises right back. See the sunflowers he's holding? Throughout the day, he would send a couple of blooms to Beth with a note attached. The bunch he's holding in the video and photo above were the last to be added, creating a bouquet of sunflowers she would carry down the aisle. And later during the reception, the wedding party took some amazing photos while having a water gun battle.

Having an incredibly fun wedding day proves that these two are seriously made for each other. "People may think this is just a funny video, but I think it really shows the dynamic this couple has with each other," Clark said. "It tells me they have a life filled with fun moments ahead of them."


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