26 Chocolate Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Blow Your Guests' Minds

chocolate wedding cake
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From mini chocolate cupcakes to show-stopping chocolate cake masterpieces, these recipes bring the beloved flavor to any wedding event.

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chocolate wedding cake
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Your wedding cake doesn't have to be vanilla, and we mean that in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Although vanilla cake is often associated with weddings, it's time to think outside of the box. Enter chocolate, a longtime favorite. Bold, rich, and bursting with flavor, cocoa is an unexpected addition to your dessert table. And when you take the plunge and opt for a full-blown chocolate cake, complete with rich frosting and fondant, your guests will surely come back for seconds.

After all, there's nothing wrong with going down in wedding history as the bride that switched it up. With so many options out there, serving up the decadent flavor (in any of its forms!) is easier than ever. On the search for chocolatey inspiration, we turned to real couples who decided to break the vanilla bean mold. Ahead, you'll find confections that that make the case for serving the beloved flavor on your big day. From dark chocolate masterpieces topped with juicy berries to milk cocoa creations covered in sugar flowers, there's a rich, stunning cake here to satisfy both of your taste buds.

Of course, choosing a wedding cake—and a cake flavor—is personal. If you're a chocolate fanatic, but your bride or groom isn't, consider going half and half. Take after one such couple, who offered up black-and-white cookies arranged in a cake "tower" to meet in the middle. If you love the flavor, but want to put your own spin on things, take notes from another duo, who opted for a two-tier confection frosted in red velvet (chocolate's little sister!). However you decide to incorporate cocoa on your big day, one thing is certain: Your guests will thank you for it.

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Red Velvet

red velvet tiered cake with blooms
Charla Storey Photography

True chocolate lovers know that red velvet cake is just a play on chocolate, which makes this maroon-hued flavor perfect for the cocoa connoisseur. Take a note from Elsie's Flour Shop and play up the pretty color by adding sugar flowers in both matching and contrasting hues.

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chocolate cake with pink bloom
Katie Grant Photography

When serving mini cakes to each wedding guest, it doesn't hurt to have a dark chocolate option. These lightly-frosted beauties, topped with bright pink blooms, are yours for the replicating.

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Sew Delicious

chocolate cake with botanical details
Krista Mason Photography

Looking for a way to meld your love for chocolate with your betrothed's love for vanilla? This cake literally weaves both flavors together, in the form of "stitched" fondant. How pretty is that tropical palm leaf illustration? It perfectly connects the cake to the leafy dessert table.

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Blackberries and Honey

chocolate and white cake with berries
Jeff Brummett Visuals

This cocoa confection marries two cake trends—naked and drip cakes—in the prettiest of ways. Guests won't be able to turn down the gooey honey drip, juicy blackberries, and gold leaf accents.

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Sweet Quote

simple two-tiered cake with writing
Free Hope Photography

Make your chocolate cake even sweeter by dressing it up with your relationship's motto, like this confection by Lesley Bodwell of Frost It Cakery.

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True Chocolate

three-tiered simple chocolate cake
Honey Gem Creative

Frosted to perfection, this chocolate cake looks even better thanks to a sparkly gold topper flashing the couple's new titles. The colorful floral clustered adds a little extra flair.

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simple rustic chocolate cake with bloom
Andrielle Photography

Copy this couple and turn your dessert table into a cocoa extravaganza. A dark chocolate wedding cake, dressed up with gold leaf and burgundy blooms, is only the beginning—mini cakes topped with marshmallow frosting and chocolate-covered cherries are the yummiest supporting players.

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Silver Leaf

chocolate wedding cake
Steven Leyva Photography

Patches of silver foil add to the reflective shine of this fudgy confection—but the pearl-studded sugar bloom is the focal point.

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Adorned Naked Cake

chocolate semi-naked cake with flowers
Cassie Rosch

Don't be afraid to dress up your chocolate naked cake. This one, which is lightly coated with peanut butter frosting, is topped with an assortment of bold flowers, like just-blooming peonies, roses, and lupine.

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Party on the Inside

chocolate cake with white icing
Danielle Coons Photography

Want to keep things classic on the outside, but go bold on the inside? Consider wrapping your chocolatey confection in creamy fondant for that crisp, wedding white look.

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tiered chocolate drip cake
Cassie Jones

Crushed pistachios bring a salty nuttiness and enticing crunch to a classic chocolate confection.

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Black and White Cookies

Danfredo Photos+Films

Love vanilla and chocolate equally, but don't feel like a traditional wedding cake fits your vibe as a couple? Take a hint from this smart duo, who arranged a tower of black-and-white cookies into a cake shape.

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Winter Wonderland

tall chocolate cake with blooms and berries
Sunglow Photography

If you were wondering how to make a chocolate cake winter-ready, look no further than this loaded dessert, complete wintry berries and seasonal poinsettias.

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Purple and Peach

chocolate wedding cake
Whitney Nichols Photography

Drizzled in thick fudge, coral and lavender-hued sugar flowers and eucalyptus lighten this cake's color palette.

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Crystal and Metal

chocolate wedding cake
Twin Lens Weddings

A dark chocolate tier brings this metallic creation together.

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Chocolate Leaves

chocolate wedding cake
Jenna McElroy Photography

Every tier of this simple chocolate cake gets a natural upgrade thanks to gold and green leaves.

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Frosted Bundt

lori john wedding california cake
Steve Cowell Photography

For couples planning casual nuptials, skipping the standard multi-tiered dessert might feel like the right choice. You really can't go wrong—especially with a cake like this cream-cheese frosted chocolate-chip Bundt, baked by Creative Cakery.

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Slate Blue

yolanda cedric wedding cake
Charla Storey Photography

There's no rule that says colorful fondant can only work over white cake. This beauty, created by Layered Bake Shop, is a great example. Underneath the bluish-gray fondant, marble cake and chocolate filling awaits.

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Berry Drip

chocolate drip cake
Heather Waraksa

Luckybird Bakery's chocolate ganache icing transforms a strawberry and vanilla confection into something any cocoa-lover would adore.

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One Tier Mint

Wedding Cake with Gold Details
Bri Cibene Photography

This dark chocolate and mint creation proves that, while cocoa can stand alone, adding in a cooling flavor (and pretty gold flecks!) won't hurt.

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Black and Gold

chocolate drip cake
Julie Paisley Photography

Patty Cakes' gold-painted cake, dripped in fudge and adorned with gold leaf and fresh blooms, is the ultimate small-confection inspiration.

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Buttercream and Beer

Stephen Kent Johnson

This cake gets its moisture from butter, yogurt, and stout—though craft beer fans can customize with local chocolate-friendly brews.

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True Chocolate

Chris Court

With layers of chocolate cake and a milk chocolate frosting, this dessert is every chocolate lover's dream.

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Johnny Miller

An adult version of Snoballs, a favorite childhood treat, these mini coconut cakes are sure to please both the younger and older crowds at your reception.

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Chocolate Spice

Romulo Yanes

Dark-chocolate buttercream spiked with chili powder gives this sweet a spicy kick.

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Mike Krautter Photography

This fresh take on chocolate cake looks (and tastes!) just like your favorite pastry.

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