Credit: Christopher Baker

Everyone knows the silver anniversary is a couple's twenty-fifth; by this time in a relationship symbolic associations take on heightened potency. Like a marriage of long standing, silver is precious and wears well -- as adornment, money, and household treasures. The silver screen embodies the cinema at its most glamorous, and a couple celebrating two-and-a-half decades together will delight in being invited to see their life as a feature presentation.

A private screening featuring a video of slides and movie clips of the couple's life together is easy and fun to arrange.

Above, we made the silver theme ubiquitous with Mylar balloons, a shiny organza table skirt, and a punch bowl holding the party's beverages. The table garland is a string of tickets; blue M&M's fill a trifle bowl.

Each invitation bears a photocopy portrait of the celebrated pair in a slide mount. Give the stars' closest friends copies of the video wrapped in strips of vellum, hole-punched to imitate film.


Chocolate bars, with their paper sleeves removed, resemble a cache of silver bullion.


Popcorn bags come with commemorative napkins attached with silver seals.



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