Unconventional yet stunning.
Clematis vine

Roses, peonies, hydrangeas: These are flowers we all love. But, it's no secret that these types are the most commonly used flowers for wedding floral arrangements. They're classic and always a crowd pleaser, but why not switch it up and make your wedding centerpieces and floral arrangements stand out by using under-the-radar blooms? Get creative with your wedding flower choices, and your centerpieces will have that much more impact. Your guests will love it! Here, celebrity floral designer Amy Marella of The Hidden Garden shares three unexpected blooms she loves to use in wedding day décor.

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Clematis Vines

The clematis vine (like the picture above) is such a beautiful delicate flower that most brides don't get to use. It blossoms in spring and continues in the summer, and it comes in a range of colors, like white, pink, lavender, and burgundy. It adds a natural and organic element to any centerpiece.

passion flower
Credit: Courtesy of Leila Lewis

Passion Vine

These flowers have a tropical look and such vivid color. Another beautiful bloom that we don't see used often enough in weddings. It doesn't last too long, but it's so gorgeous!

Credit: Adrian Michael

Kumquat Branches

Marella loves the small-berried fruit at the end of the greens along with the small white flowers. The branches add a fun citrus element to your table décor-perfect for a summer or fall wedding!

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