If you work with your hands, make sure you choose a band that can handle daily wear and tear.
bride groom wedding bands in blue box

If you want your wedding band to last a lifetime, you need to select a material that can handle the kind of daily wear and tear you'll put it through. This is especially important for anyone who works with his or her hands. That might mean that a classic diamond band or a super delicate ring made of the purest yellow gold isn't the right fit for you. Instead, you should consider a more durable wedding band material instead.

Choosing a band that's practical for your everyday lifestyle doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style, though. Bri Hartgers of Hartgers Jewelers says, "The most important thing to remember is that you want to work with a material that is going to last...well, forever! White and yellow gold along with platinum are the most classic options, but some strong metals that come in fun darker shades for men include titanium and tungsten. These metals have more of gray or black shade versus the traditional gold coloring and can be made shiny or brushed, thin or thick, completely rounded or more squared-off, so it makes the wedding band process a fun buying process for both partners!"

If you have your heart set on diamonds, Olivia Landau, founder and CEO of The Clear Cut, knows exactly what you need. She created an eternity band designed specifically to last a lifetime—and that can be worn comfortably every single day without ever needing to be resized. "Many people have challenges with comfort and wear-ability with a traditional eternity band, which can be very difficult to re-size. Our effortless diamond eternity bands are made with a titanium spring that can stretch up to three finger sizes, so they are very comfortable and bend with your finger."

While mixed metal rings are popular, our experts agree that its important to consider how each material wears—if one is more delicate than the other and you frequently work with your hands, you may start to see wear on one part of your ring but not the other.


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