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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Now this is one love story to give us all #relationshipgoals. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip just celebrated the 70th anniversary of their engagement, and the royal couple is just as adorable as ever-even if their romance got off to a rough start.

According to People, the pair first met when Elizabeth was just 13-years-old. While the then-princess was reportedly smitten from the start, Elizabeth's father, King George VI, had some serious reservations about Philip Mountbatten, who was then a young naval officer. Still, Elizabeth never had eyes for anyone but Prince Philip-and if the last 70 years are any indication, following her heart was exactly the right way to go!

"She fell in love at age 18 and she never looked at anyone else," biographer Sally Bedell Smith shared. Suzanne Mackie, executive producer of Netflix series The Crown, which is based on the life of Elizabeth herself, has her own insight to add. "One of Elizabeth's greatest achievements is being allowed to marry the love of her life," she explained. "Like any marriage, it would undertake endless recalibration and navigation and re-negotiation."

Decision made! The couple announced their engagement on July 10, 1947, and tied the knot later that year. It was then they formally took the titles of Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and set off on their decades-long, real life royal romance, welcoming children Prince Charles in 1948 and Princess Anne in 1950 before Elizabeth stepped into her public role as Queen in 1952. Congratulations to this lovely couple! Who else has new plans for their Netflix queue? The Crown is definitely back at the top of our must-watch lists!


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