23 Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

winter wedding centerpieces corbin gurkin
Photo: Corbin Gurkin

Consider other motifs (not just blooms!) when designing your tabletops.

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non-floral wedding centerpieces gold candle sticks and dried leaves
Sebastien Boudot Photography

Flowers are undoubtedly a wedding-day staple, but that doesn't mean that they have to be everywhere. Whether pretty petals have already taking over the bulk of your décor and you're looking for a fresh source of inspiration or you're just not that into an abundance of blooms (or any blooms at all!), you may want to consider a brand-new design idea: centerpieces without a flower in sight.

As the following ideas prove, there are so many ways to think beyond just flowers when it comes to your wedding centerpieces. Books, branches, and even sculptures are some of the pretty options we've seen recently, but they certainly aren't your only choices for truly beautiful tabletop décor. You can also use balloons, candlesticks, garlands, fruits and veggies, or even spray-painted leaves, as seen on this tabletop, which was designed by D'amour et de Déco. In fact, with a non-floral centerpiece, the sky (or reception venue ceiling) is essentially your only limit. You can get as sweet and simple or big and bold as you like.

With that in mind, we've rounded up a few more creative and modern centerpiece alternatives that are perfect for traditional and classic celebrations, alike. No matter your wedding's style, theme, or color palette, these ideas serve as the ultimate inspiration for didn't-see-that-coming décor. From candles and greenery to seashells and pineapples, the opportunities for flowerless centerpiece accents are virtually endless (and endlessly chic!). Click through to discover all of these imagined options—and prepare to be amazed by the possibilities that abound for your bloomless big-day arrangements.

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Modern Clusters

winter wedding centerpieces corbin gurkin
Corbin Gurkin

A bloomless, minimalist tablescape can be just as beautiful as its lusher counterparts. Take this curated vignette by Duet Weddings, for example—just a few décor elements, including leaves, geodes, and modern candles, brought the moody scene to life.

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The New Nautical

non-floral wedding centerpieces seashells and coral
KMD Creations

Who needs knots and sailboats when you can connote a nautical wedding theme with various creatures of the deep, like coral, conch shells, and sea glass? Jet Set Wed did just that with these oceanic-inspired tablescapes, which also featured on-theme aquamarine goblets, anemones, and driftwood.

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Modern Bohemian

non-floral wedding centerpieces gold antler candle holder
Tory Williams

Contemporary décor meets bohemian design in this tabletop, which was arraged by Brita Olsen Creative. The juxtaposition of the golden branch candelabra against the mid-century modern candle sticks and goblets made for a dynamic aesthetic. Small jars of greens and books completed the look.

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Potted Plants

rustic wedding centerpieces bright burlap greenery vases
Heather Waraksa

Green-filled planters that are typically placed on the ground make an unexpected statement when placed onto the tabletop. Matthew Robbins Design included different vessel styles, shapes, and sizes (these arrangements were created by Bellafare) when bringing together this rustic display, which also featured wire lanterns, a striped farm runner, and metallic table numbers.

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non-floral wedding centerpieces red pears
Elisa Bricker

Make like Jacin Fitzgerald and turn to seasonal fruits and unique textures instead of blooms. Here, fresh pears and a skinny tree stump platform came together for a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

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non-floral wedding centerpieces feathers in cloche
Erin McGinn Photography

If there's anything this Greenlion Design centerpiece proves, it's that unexpected objects often make for the most interesting table displays. The designers used a dramatic cloche to house a floral frog supporting a selection of feathers—the small vignette added an artistic moment to the tablescape on the grand scale.

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emerald gold tabletop
Kathryn Whitworth

The star of this emerald green scene is undoubtedly its luxe velvet runner. But we were just as intrigued by the candle-less candle sticks, which make an unusual (but fun!) statement, too.

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Stacks of Books

non-floral wedding centerpieces stacks of books
Sheila Nolt Photography

If you're intrigued by the idea of replacing standard floral centerpieces with stacks of books, get strategic with your choices. Pull novels, travel guides, dictionaries, and memoirs that speak to who you are—that's exactly what East West Vintage Rentals and Classic Event Rentals did here. Top your stacks with candles and table numbers and finish off with subtle eucalyptus sprigs, like the ones here by Flora Asheville).

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Burning Lantern

non-floral wedding centerpieces geometric lantern
Rebekah J. Murray Photography

Geometric lanterns like these, which were curated by Jamie Leigh Events, don't just add contemporary flair to your tabletops—they also protect your party from burning flames, should you choose to actually light your candles.

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non-floral wedding centerpieces bowl of peaches
Erika Brown Photography

Pay homage to your wedding's time of year by putting in-season crops front and center. Grounded by a bed greenery branches and votive candles, this yummy fruit bowl of fresh summer peaches by Soirees Southern Events and Suwanee Towne Florist brought a pop of color to this sweetheart table.

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Succulents All in a Row

unique wedding centerpieces marco sanchez
Marco Sanchez

Infuse your party's tablescapes with a touch of southwestern desert flair by queuing up pots of cacti, à la Best Day Ever.

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vicky james mexico leaf table decor
Jodi & Kurt Photography

If you're throwing destination weddings, be sure to bookmark this tropical leaf idea, which involves utilizing your location's indigenous varieties. At this Cancun affair, Heirloom Catering & Event Design teamed up with Canteiro Weddings to create this minimal, colorful flower-free tabletop, which paid homage to the scenery.

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non-floral wedding centerpieces pineapples and monstera leaves
Nicole Kirshner Photography

Speaking of tropical, punctuate your centerpieces (like these from Salt + Poppies) with pineapple duos and monstera leaves for a fun, faraway touch.

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maggie zach wedding table tall centerpiece
Vienna Glenn Photography

Foliage takes up more space than flowers do, which is something to keep in mind if you're searching for dramatic centerpieces sans lush blooms, like these by Ines & Marie.

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Split Open

katie matthew ohio wedding centerpiece palette
Jenny Haas

All fruit, whatever the type, immediately brings intrigue to a tabletop. You can take it one step further, though, by channeling Evergreen Flower Co. and cutting that fruit open. The insides of pomegranates and lemons only add dimension, especially if they're arranged thoughtfully, like in sliced rows or snackable quarters.

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Weaving Branches

rustic wedding centerpieces greenery candle wooden table
Plum & Oak Photo

Scout Walker proves that a single, snaking tree branch brings rustic elegance to a wooden tabletop, especially if it's punctuated by small glasses of greens.

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Natural Industrial

rustic wedding centerpieces industrial candle greenery place setting
Leo Patrone Photography

Looking for a way to elevate a fern garland runner? Consider Sarah Winward's design aesthetic mash-up. Matte-black candle sticks spring up from the natural base, creating an unexpected industrial moment in a sea of green.

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non-floral wedding centerpieces tropical leaves
Michelle Lange Photography

This tropical leaf centerpiece by Jardiniere Fine Flowers is reminiscent of actual palm trees—it's that tall.

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table setting
Polly Alexandre Fine Photography

Bright pops of color from the kumquats provide just the right amount of color to these olive, skimmia, rosemary, and ruscus garlands by Lavender Green Flowers.

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Olive Branch

Josh Gruetzmacher

Looking to create a relaxed, at-home vibe at your wedding? Make like Laetitia C. Fleurs D'Atelier, who pulled items from around this venue (like these rosemary plants and olive branches) to make simple but stunning centerpieces. The result was laid-back, intimate, and refined.

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jessie-tristan wedding tennessee table setting blue willow china
Laura Dart

Instead of opting for flowers, choose to adorn farm-style reception tables with long garlands of Jackson vine and rosemary. Add brass candleholders for an elegant touch.

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3 deseos y medio

Now here's an eclectic spin on the non-floral centerpiece idea. Oh Fleurs! dropped dark green leaves and branches, including sword ferns, monster deliciosa leaves, and leaucadendron into clear and amber glass vases. They also added other unique elements like raw wood mousetraps and light bulbs to the display.

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