Donate your flowers to someone in need of some joy with help from one of these charitable companies.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

After spending hours picking out the perfect floral wedding centerpieces and arranging your bridal bouquet, why just throw away the flowers post-party? Give your bouquets and arrangements a second act by collaborating with one of these flower-repurposing companies for a good cause. Charities across the make it easy, taking care of everything from picking up the blooms to providing paperwork so you can claim the donation as a tax deduction. Check out some of our top picks here.

Random Acts of Flowers

With branches across the country, Random Acts of Flowers relies mostly on volunteers to repurpose and redistribute flower arrangements from your wedding to hospitals and hospice care centers around the country. Research has found a correlation between flowers on a bedside to shorter stays and all around improved mental health during a patient's time in the hospital. So, taking a cue from the phrase "flower power", Random Acts of Flowers can help you bring a lot of joy and real healing power to someone in a heath care facility.


Rebloom is a floral repurposing company based in New York City that will repurpose your flowers for you and sell them the next day at up to a 90 percent discount, with most of the proceeds going to charity. When you agree to work with Rebloom, buyers are given notice of when your florals will be available through a newsletter in a flash-sale style. Plus, you'll be able to decide which charity Rebloom will donate the proceeds of your sale to, giving even more meaning to the transaction.

Petals With Purpose

Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Petals With Purpose will pick up the flowers from your wedding at the end of the night, give them a fresh cut, add in minerals and fresh water, and donate them to a recipient of your choice. Most often these flowers will be donated to youth organizations, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice care facilities, bringing the healing power of flowers to anyone and everyone who needs it.

Repeat Roses

Repeat Roses is based in New York City but delivers repurposed flowers to residents and patients in hospitals, cancer treatment centers, nursing homes, hospice care and shelter facilities all over the country. Not only does Repeat Roses repurpose flowers to spread joy to people who need it most, but they also do so out of concern for the environment, as weddings and the flowers used can generate up to 600 pounds of garbage. You'll be able to rest easy knowing your flowers are putting a smile on someone's face and you helped protect the environment while doing so.

Project Flora

Project Flora collaborates with florists, event planners, and brides in New York City to buy and resell flowers from designer events with a portion of the proceeds from the transaction donated to charity. You can buy designer flowers from an event to use at your own wedding, or sell your wedding flowers through the website. Either way, you'll be doing your part to give beautiful flowers a double showing and raising money for charity along the way.


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