Pretty Wedding Hairstyles for Your Bridesmaids

lisa louis wedding bridesmaids
Photo: Michael Radford

The best hairstyles for your bridesmaids, since the bridal party's look doesn't stop at the dress.

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lisa louis wedding bridesmaids
Michael Radford

You've asked your closest girlfriends to stand with you on the big day, and now you want to make sure they look and feel beautiful from head to toe. A hairstyle can be the finishing touch that keeps your girls in sync even if they're wearing mismatching bridesmaids' dresses. Or, vice versa, hairstyles can offer individuality—mismatched 'dos are a cool option, too. Either way, you may want to have a say in how your ladies wear their tresses. Bridesmaid hairstyles run the gamut from modern, wavy blowouts to natural, flowing locks topped with flower crowns. You can even ask your 'maids to give their favorite hairstyle a wedding-worthy upgrade with chic accessories. The options are endless.

In search of hairstyle inspiration for your bridesmaids? You can't go wrong with any of these looks. From buns to bombshell waves and everything in between, we've got plenty of ideas to bring to the hairdresser's chair. Get your beauty wheels turning by clicking through our favorite wedding hairstyles for 'maids here! Hey, they might even inspire your bridal hairdo—they're seriously that stunning. Give snapshots of your favorites to the stylist you've booked so that they can practice if they've never done them before. Or, share them with your squad via text—we doubt they'll protest these pretty options!

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Sleek and Straight

bride with bridesmaids
Ether and Smith

Many women turn to curls for big events, but why not embrace naturally-straight hair? Alternatively, wavy-haired 'maids might want to switch their typical look up by using a flatiron.

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Short and Braided

Rebecca Yale Photography

This bridesmaid wore a tight braid and loose ribbon curls.

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Loose Braids

bride and bridesmaids
Katie Grant Photography

Short hair can be braided, too! Opt for a purposely-messy style to account for hairs that won't stay put.

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Dynamic Duo

bride and bridesmaids
Sorella Muse

We love how these beautiful bridesmaid hairdos contrasted with the bride's own style.

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Bombshell Waves

bride and bridesmaids
Lauren Peele Photography

Go full-blown glam with bombshell waves, and your bridesmaids will be radiating confidence.

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Twisted to the Side

bridesmaid hairstyle
Marissa Lambert Photography

This bridesmaid's simple updo was accented with a thick side twist. The style adds more volume to the look and is an easier alternative to a side braid.

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Mixed Updos

bridesmaid hairstyles
Clayton Austin

These bridesmaids all wore updos, but they didn't lose their personal style. Different women wore different hairstyles for a not-quite-matching look.

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Half Ponytails

bridesmaid hairstyles
2 Brides Photography

For something casual but still pretty, try this half-up, half-down style. These 'maids' hairstyles were effortlessly beautiful thanks to simple, mini ponytails.

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Ribbon Crowns

bridesmaids with bride
Brumley & Wells

To make your girls' flower crowns extra unique, tie them in the back with ribbons.

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Any Which Way

bride and bridesmaids
Michael Radford

These glowing 'maids wore a range of hairstyles, which were just as beautiful as their range of pastel dresses.

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Matching the Bride

bridesmaids helping bride
Rebecca Yale Photography

Tradition had it that bridesmaids were supposed to match the bride. If you're not set on assigning them white dresses, consider having their hair mimic yours.

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Pulled Back

bridesmaids with bride
Katie Grant Photography

The ladies in this bridal party stuck with a classic half-up, half-down style.

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Side-Braided Buns

Aria Studios

Braids and buns go together gorgeously. For bridesmaids with short hair, keep the side braid, but eschew the updo.

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Completely Down

wedding bridesmaids pink dresses bride
Kristen Kilpatrick

Each bridesmaid in this entourage wore their hair down. Their beauty looks appeared totally effortless as a result.

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Sky High

bridesmaid with flower
Awake Photography

This bridesmaid's hair had plenty of volume thanks to a teased updo.

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Creative Parts

bridesmaid with bride
Peaches with Honey

Playing with parts is a fun way to let your hair make a wedding-worthy statement.

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Braided Up Top

bride and bridesmaid
Amalie Orrange Photography

Braids above the forehead pull hair back while still allowing it to be worn down. They're also genius for taming bangs that may be growing out.

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bridesmaid hairstyles
Greg Finck

This clipped-back style works great for longer bangs, or just to keep strands out of bridesmaids' faces.

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Bumped Up

bride and bridesmaids
Melissa Jill Photography

A bumped-up look is an easy way to elevate a typical half-up, half-down style. Anna Nuet created these hairstyles.

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Twisted with Flowers

Lauren Peele Photography

Instead of a flower crown, try inserting stems into an intricate and ethereal braided look.

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Fishtail Braids

bridesmaid hairstyle
Michelle Lange Photography

For brides sick of the standard French braid, consider a fishtail look instead. We love it worn to the side for a relaxed, slightly-undone vibe.

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Voluminous Updos

bride and bridesmaid
Rebecca Hollis Photography

Who doesn't want a little volume on the big day? Full updos look great with face-framing tendrils.

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Side-Swept and Down

bridesmaids pink dresses
Jenny Haas

Each of these bridesmaids sported loose, wavy locks, which they draped over one shoulder.

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Thick Braided Crowns

bridesmaid hairstyles
Rebecca Yale Photography

We have a soft spot for a classic milkmaid-inspired braid. It's a pretty hairstyle option for bridesmaids, especially at an outdoor wedding when they'd like to keep their hair in place.

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Pulled Back and Twisted

bridesmaid hairstyles
Sawyer Baird

This 'maid's hair had tons of texture, and her wrapped and twisted strands were especially elegant.

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Opposites Attract

bride and bridesmaids
Jake & Heather

Matching dresses meant these 'maids could sport totally different hair.

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Down and Braided

bridesmaid braid
Rebecca Yale Photography

This braided look keeps hair off of the face, while also showcasing any earrings you've picked out.

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Mixed and Matched

bridesmaid hairstyles
Christine Doneé

At this wedding, some bridesmaids donned braids, others wore twists, and one put a flower in her hair.

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Curled and Braided

Michelle Lange Photography

A braid around the crown paired with pretty curls is a foolproof hairstyle option.

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Rebecca Yale Photography

How sweet is this half-up 'do, tied with a ribbon that matches the bridesmaids' dresses?

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Casual Blend

Lauren Peele Photography

Here, sleek ponytails with loose strands were mixed with other pulled-back styles.

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Something Special

bride, groom, and bridesmaid
Jillian Mitchell Photography

This stunning bridesmaid added pops of pink to her hair for extra flair.

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Flower Crowns

Collin Hughes

A spring or summertime wedding is a perfect opportunity for fresh floral crowns, and a surefire method for making your BFFs standout from the rest of the guests. Pick flowers within your color scheme, or choose blooms that complement your wedding bouquet.

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Formal Updos

Cadence & Eli

Sweeping hair back into an updo creates a bridesmaid look that is elegant and formal. And with hair off of your bridesmaid's shoulders, this look becomes all about the dress you chose for the occasion.

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Beachy Waves

Flora + Fauna

If you're throwing a seaside soirée, choose a hairstyle for your girls that complements the beach-chic vibe. This hairdo looks great on all hair lengths, and is especially appropriate for nautical-inspired celebrations.

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Elegant Chignons

Weddings by Sasha

Chignons are a classic French look, and are a sophisticated style for your 'maids. It's also a timeless look that you'll look back on in 10 years and still love.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

A Bryan Photo

Not sure if you want your bridesmaids to have their hair all up or all down? Combine the two with a pretty half-up, half-down look instead. Each girl can decide if she wants a center or side-part, or no part at all, so she chooses what looks most flattering for her face.

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Relaxed Updos

Jose Villa

You'd like for your best friends to wear hair up, but still want to keep things casual. Consider a relaxed updo like this one, with loose, wind-swept pieces around the face.

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Erich McVey

If you're more glam than boho, swap the flower crown for a bejeweled headband. The festive topper adds a little sparkle too, which lessens the need for extra jewelry.

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Glamorous Blowouts

Kat Braman

Long, beautiful hair was made to be let down. And if your bridesmaids happen to have hair just like that, a pretty and full blowout always makes for an aisle-ready hairstyle.

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To Each Her Own

Belathée Photography

Perhaps your friends are all wearing the same shade, and that's enough to keep your group wedding photos on point. Let each bridesmaid show off her individual style by giving her carte blanche when it comes to hair. Some will wear their hair down, others in a fancy fishtail or classic updo.

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