Every year, companies debut the latest and greatest in technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here's what gadgets we're particularly excited about for brides-to-be.
Credit: Courtesy of Polaroid


Is one of your guests a tech geek? Hand him or her this live event camera, which records 4K video with nine angle options that can be edited on-the-fly, streamed in real-time to absent guests, and recorded for sharing and viewing after the big day ($400, but currently a $200 special for pre-orders, getmovi.com).

Polaroid Snap +

This isn't your mother's Polaroid! An updated version of the Polaroid Snap, the 2016 version has a touchscreen, plus capabilities for higher quality images, HD video recording, and remote connectivity through Bluetooth to the Polaroid print app. This means you can now link devices to the camera and print your shots-up to 10 at a time! Plus, you can add filters, effects, and more, and just like the older model, choose to print the 2x3", adhesive-backed photos in either black and white, color, or vintage sepia, either with or without the Polaroid Classic Border Logo. We could see this being a huge hit at wedding receptions-either for a photo booth or an interactive guest book (price to come, polaroidsnapcamera.com).

ModiFace Wedding Dress Studio App

Want to get an idea of what wedding dress is best for your body type before your first bridal boutique appointment? There's an app for that! Seriously. Simply load an image of yourself into the app and adjust the gown to your specs (free, itunes.com and play.google.com).

There's also ModiFace Mirror HD. First reported by PCWorld, the app enables users to virtually and easily try out different products and shades for their wedding and offers 3D makeup tutorials ($2,000, modiface.com).

Credit: Courtesy of 360fly


The updated version captures 2880 x 2880 4K video in a variety of modes: forward-facing, time-lapse, and motion-, acceleration-, and audio-triggered recording. Use it as a GoPro, or set it on the wedding party table to get a seamless recording of the reception-in every direction ($400,360fly.com).

Inail Printer

Bring the nail salon to you and your bridesmaids! Choose a design and print gel polish directly onto your fingernails or nail tips-in just eight seconds ($2,899, inail.cn).


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