Creating a flawless seating chart is nothing to stress about.
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Deciding where your wedding guests will sit during the reception can seem stressful, especially if there's family drama, lots of singles, or big groups of friends that you know will want to sit together. Don't worry-you can still accommodate everyone's needs without pulling out your own hair. Forget about family politics and use these tips to help plot out your tables. As it turns out, you have a few different options.

Mix and Match

Are there guests coming to the wedding that you've always wanted to introduce to each other but never had the chance to? Now's the time, so go ahead and put them at the same table. A wedding is the perfect time to mix, mingle, and meet new friends. Afraid your loved ones will be feeling shy? You can always put some sort of activity on each table as an ice breaker, like a fill in the blank game or advice to the newlyweds.

Put Similar Groups Together

His college buddies should all sit at a table together, while your work friends should all get places at another. As for mutual friends, or any friend or family groups that are too large for just one table, you should put as many together as possible, then assign nearby seats to the rest.

Family Affair

If there's any drama, avoid putting any feuding parties at the same table. The last thing you want is for your aunt to be upset to sit next to her ex-husband and new wife. Try to be sensitive to family so they won't feel left out. And, when in doubt, remember that everyone loves sitting next to Grandma and Grandpa.

Young and Old

Sit your younger friends and family near the dance floor and the older further away. Trust us, everyone will appreciate that.


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