We break down the pros and cons of a solo ceremony entrance.
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Credit: Jose Villa

Whether your beloved father has passed away and you can't imagine anyone else taking his place or you just don't think this old-school tradition is right for you, walking down the aisle on your own might sound like a good idea, but you're wondering if you should really do it. Here, we break down a few of the major pros and cons associated with a solo ceremony entrance.

Pro: You will be in royal company.

When Meghan Markle's father suddenly became too ill to attend her wedding to Prince Harry, she chose to walk down the aisle alone-well, sort of. Halfway down, she was met by Prince Charles, her future father-in-law, who extended his arm and walked her the rest of the way towards her real-life prince was waiting. Whether you choose to walk entirely on your own or would prefer to be met halfway, know that you're in good company.

Con: Your family may be hurt.

If your father thought he would be escorting you or a favorite uncle figured you'd ask him, your loved ones may not approve of your decision to enter the ceremony on your own. Explain to them why you want to take the walk solo. Whatever you do, be honest: Maybe you feel being "given away" goes against all of your feminist beliefs. (Marriage has evolved, you think, so why hasn't this tradition, too?) Or it's your second marriage and being given away seems silly. If you give them a reason, they may be more accepting of your decision.

Pro: It'll solve a complicated family situation.

Some brides have to make the tough decision of which father to ask-her biological father who she only became close to in the last few years or her stepfather who raised her. Walking down the aisle alone and not having to choose solves that dilemma. If you go that route, make sure it's what you really want to do and that you won't regret it later.

Con: There'll be no one to lean on if you're nervous.

The distance is short but that walk down the aisle can feel miles long if you're particularly nervous. Taking a few deep breaths right before the music starts should calm your jitters as you start your solo descent, but it's worth really considering whether or not you'd like the arm of someone you love to lean on.


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