Dressing for a spring wedding can be tough. These tips make it easier.

wedding mom

Choosing an outfit for a spring wedding can seem daunting for any guest, but it's especially tough for the mothers of the bride and groom, as their attire will be forever documented in the professional wedding photos. Since we know that shopping for the perfect mother-of-the-bride or-groom dress can be somewhat stressful, we asked Sarah Johns of Something Styled Events in Denver, Colorado, to share her best style tips for spring celebrations.

Go for floral.

Although it's common for the mothers of the bride and groom to choose dresses that complement or coordinate with the wedding party's attire, it's not required. "We have seen many mothers dress according to the color palette of the big day but others choose to go another direction," says Johns. One such direction? Floral patterns. They're perfect for spring, allow the moms to stand out, and can still include colors that pair well with the rest of the wedding party's outfits.

Try a long gown.

You don't need to wear a cocktail-length dress just because the weather is starting to turn warm (unless you want to, of course!). "We have found that many of our clients prefer to wear long dresses," says Johns. Gowns are extremely flattering on any body type, and you'll be able to find one within the spring color palette. Bonus: If the evening is unusually chilly, a longer dress will keep you warm.

Skip the corsage.

"Many women are looking to have a more unique floral piece instead of a traditional wrist or pin-on corsage," Johns explains. "Another option is to carry single stem blooms or a subtle floral clip in their hair." We love seeing floral accents throughout a wedding, and small touches like these highlight the season.


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