The moment took place during their recent outing in the United Kingdom.
prince harry meghan markle
Credit: Getty Images

During their first official joint outing since retreating from royal life, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got to witness an incredibly romantic moment. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex only have a few official appearances left before they officially step back as senior royals at the end of the month, and a marriage proposal made this week's event even more memorable.

While delivering his acceptance speech after winning the Recognising Achievement Award at the Endeavour Fund Awards on Thursday, Danny Holland used the moment to call his girlfriend up to the stage so that he could propose to her in front of everyone—including Prince Harry and Meghan, reports People.

As the moment unfolded, the crowd applauded enthusiastically, cheering for Holland as he got down on one knee. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, visibly overjoyed, smiled and clapped their hands as Danny's girlfriend accepted. A People source notes that "Meghan was visibly touched by the gesture, as she placed her hands on her husband's knee during the proposal, smiling from ear to ear. As the newly engaged couple walked off stage, Meghan brought her hands to her chest in astonishment."

Although the evening was a joyous one, it was also bittersweet as it marked one of Prince Harry and Meghan's last days in their current roles. The Duchess of Sussex alluded to her new life in Canada when she presented an award later in the evening. "Good evening everybody—it's very nice to be back. It's the third year that I've had the incredible fortune of joining my husband here, and as you all know and can feel it is just the most inspiring space," she said.


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