These pretty flowers last forever, and they're great for decorating everything from your favors to your cake.
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diy woven flowers intro
Credit: Corrie Beth Hogg

If you're looking for wedding flowers that are truly unique, this DIY project is the perfect craft for you. They're made out of tiny dollhouse baskets and cornhusks, giving them a rustic feel that's just right a laid-back wedding. You can use them just about anywhere a regular flower would go, whether it's sticking them in centerpieces (no water required!), tying them onto gifts for your wedding party, or adding them to your cake. The best part? They'll be a sweet keepsake in your home when the big day is over.

We've got step-by-step instructions for two different versions: one that looks like lily of the valley (without any petals) and another that's styled more like an anemone. Pick your favorite or make both of them-either way, they're quick to assemble and add instant cheer to your day.

Ready to get started? First, gather your supplies: corn husks (available on Amazon or at your local craft store), 20-gauge straight floral wire (any color), text-weight ivory paper, Matte Mod Podge or other white glue, scissors, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, a container and brush for glue, ruler, miniature baskets, and a hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.

Whichever flower style you're making, the project starts out the same way: Using the ruler as a straight edge, tear multiple strips of ivory paper at ¼ to ½ inch widths. Coat one side of each strip with glue and apply by wrapping at an angle, glue side down, to fully cover the wire with the paper strips. Depending on the style of miniature baskets you purchased, use scissors to remove any unwanted colored trim and handles. Now, it's time to pick which flower you're going to make.

diy woven flowers lily of the valley
Credit: Corrie Beth Hogg

Lily of the Valley

Using the needle-nose pliers, create a small loop at the end of paper-covered wire and bend the loop perpendicular to the long length of the wire. Insert the wire into the miniature basket and manipulate the weave of the basket to allow the wire to slip through-the loop should be sitting at the inside the basket. Apply a dot of hot glue to secure the wire in place. Bend the wires into a curve to position the basket downward.

Position three flowers together at different heights and trim the wire stems to be even. Use torn paper strips and white glue to cover the bottom two inches of wire. Next, cut two to three tall leaf shapes out of the corn husk and place them around the bottom portion of the stems. Finally, secure in place and cover the connection with another application of paper strips-and you're good to go!

diy woven flowers anemone
Credit: Corrie Beth Hogg


Create a small loop (using the pliers) at the end of paper-covered wire and bend the loop perpendicular to the long length of the wire. Apply a dot of hot glue inside the basket and insert the loop, holding the wire and basket in place as the glue hardens.

For each flower, cut four small petal shapes out of the cornhusk and glue them to the basket rim with hot glue. Next, add a slight curve to each stem. Then, cut two to three small narrow leaf shapes for each flower. Place one end around the stem and cover the connection with another application of paper strips. Voila!


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