28 Awesome Wedding Photo Booth Props

photo booth props basket of gold frames and arrows
Natasha Hurley

Even the most basic, prop-free photo booth will still offer you and your wedding guests the opportunity to have some fun at the reception, but by sourcing a few creative prop options (or even crafting them yourself), your photo station will feel all the more personal. Plus, props are a great way to highlight the event's theme or some of your favorite things. Whether you want to showcase a beloved movie (we've got the perfect example for a Star Wars-

obsessed couple) or you're looking for a fresh way to celebrate the location of your wedding (like the Big Apple), we found plenty of photo booth props that will help you do just that.

If you're nervous that you'll end up spending hours on this one aspect of your reception, don't be. Many online shops and websites sell customized props, which mean the majority of these wedding photo booth ideas are just a click away. If you're open to getting a bit hands-on, though, a trip to the art store will have just what you need to add customized touch. Still, you don't have to make all of your props from scratch—you can also just curate a cohesive collection to offer your guests. Take this basket (nicely filled with tissue paper in the day's color palette) of picture frames and arrows, for example.

And don't restrict yourself to objects. Why not have some wedding photo booth signs, too? Whether you decide what they'll say (like pre-made options with your hashtag) or offer guests the opportunity to write them in, adding a bit of text can amp things up even more. Ready to personalize your own photo booth? Here, examples of some of our favorite props for your reception's photo station.

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Confetti Fun

photo booth props colored confetti

The quickest way to make a photo booth even more fun? Bowls of colorful confetti on at any and all entrance points. Can't you feel the joy from these two?

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Faux Sure

emer cooper wedding wisconsin photobooth
Liz Banfield

If you're nervous about floral props wilting or falling apart, go the faux route. Fake blooms from Afloral got a few coats of spray paint before being made into crowns, garlands, and even a bouquet. But if you're not having a floral-themed wedding, think about the other elements you can give a cohesive look with a transformative coating of color.

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Whimsical Masks

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Turn your photo booth into something like a masquerade by providing partial masks from various areas. We like ones that cover just the top of guests' faces, but choose whatever you like.

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In the Air

photo props couple large balloon with writing

Balloons (with weights at the bottom) are great interactive props. We love when they say something as sweet as "Love is in the air" (this inflatable is from Kate Spade).

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Go for the Gold

photo booth props gold glitter bubbles glasses
Izzy Hudgins Photography

Speech bubbles, glasses and lips on sticks, and even a small top hat and bow tie you can perch above and below your face are photo booth mainstays. But when covered in tiny flecks of gold glitter, and corralled in golden mugs, they're even more festive.

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Pretty Kitty

becca zac wedding photo booth
Fer Juaristi

It's nearly cat-astrophic that beloved felines can't be part of the festivities involved in a wedding. You can, however, guarantee that their presence is felt (and seen) with a blown-up photo of their face that you and your guests can pose with.

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Kiss from a Rose

photo booth props floral crowns giant peonies mylar balloons
Tomfoolery Photobooth

Everyone loves a flower crown, but these giant peonies will make everyone smile. Include a few sets so everyone can get in on the fun.

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Call Me

photo booth props bright colored telephones
Tomfoolery Photobooth

Remember when phones had cords? Only half of your guests might, but when they're given access to fluorescent handsets they'll probably know what to do.

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Ready for a Trip

Corbin Gurkin

The setting for this couple's nuptials was a train museum, so the wedding photo booth was packed with thematic props, like vintage luggage, a conductor's hat, an old camera, and a hitchhiker's bindle. The first three were found on Etsy and the latter was crafted using a stick and some basic muslin.

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Urban Art

Ingalls Photography

This crafty bride painted New York City motifs (that's the Statue of Liberty's crown, a pair of pigeons, and an apple) onto foam core and cut them out with an X-acto knife. With a plain white wall as the photo booth's backdrop, the snapshots felt like modern postcards. But you can paint just about anything, too—it doesn't have to be related to your destination, but palm trees or some animals native to your locale would be fun.

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For the 'Gram

photo booth props floral backdrop sparkle hashtag
Kat Braman

Posh Parties planned this wedding with several impressive floral installations—including this rose-accented hedge wall. Another element that made a few appearances was the couple's hashtag, which was fashioned into a sparkly photo booth prop from California Lustre along with complementary gold framed shades with the social media staple on the lenses.

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Think Out Loud

photo booth props bubble words barn setting
Leila Brewster Photography

Thought bubbles on sticks are a fun way to get into the spirit of a wedding—like this rustic fête in a barn. Get creative with the words (and add coordinating hats) for pictures that will make you and your guests smile.

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Let the Music Play

photo booth props musical instrument cutouts

Glittery paper cutouts of musical instruments ensure that everyone in attendance is with the band.

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Intergalactic Props

3 deseos y medio

This celebration was celestial themed from start to finish—including the inflatable planets on hand for guests to strike a pose with.

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Costume Them Up

photo booth props nostalgic items gold glasses
Lacie Hansen Photography

Fill up an old suitcase (or even a nice tray) with an array of glasses and hats—from costume shops, party stores, or possibly even your childhood bedroom. Mixing in ones with elements of nostalgia or dress up will make for the funniest snapshots.

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May the Force Be With You

photo prob star wars face mask couple inside bus
Chelsea Paige Photography

Guests hopped into the Little White Box mobile photo booth but were transported to a galaxy far, far away thanks to a pair of Star Wars masks. Incorporate your favorite movie, television, or comic book characters with masks, capes, and any other part of their wardrobe.

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Fun for All Ages

stefanie drew wedding photobooth
Julie Livingston Photography

No matter if you're young or old—or somewhere in between—there's fun to be had in a photo booth. Even more so when the wedding's photo booth props include royal headwear like a crown and tiara, oversize sunglasses, the Hulk's hand, and a hot pink wig! Get random, then watch guests get creative.

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Oh Canada

photo props canada flag hockey gear gold background
CliqueBait Photobooth Co.

Confetti & Company curated the props—which had guests smiling and goofing off—at this wedding. Maybe one half of the couple is Canadian and you honor that with mini flags and hockey paraphernalia? If the bride or groom hails from somewhere with a famously favored pastime, this idea's for you.

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For Your Inner Child

photo booth props mickey minnie mouse ears

Capture the Disney magic with Mickey and Minnie ears.

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Strike a Pose

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

When the bride and groom are professional ballet dancers—and so are many of their guests—it's only natural to have stage-appropriate props in the wedding's photo booth. Tutus, top hats, gloves, and canes will do the trick.

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Nautical Wedding Photo Booth Props

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
Catherine Ann Photography

When your big day boasts a nautical theme, why not carry that through to the props set out for the photo booth? Here, they came in the form of a captain's hat, lifesaver, and ship wheel. Check out Etsy, eBay, and marine supply stores for similar items.

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Wearing Multiple Hats

red hat viking helmet photo props with dont tag sign
Little White Box Photo Booth

Help your guests get into character with fun props. This lady surely felt like Queen Elizabeth while her partner channeled his inner viking.

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From the Movies

wedding photobooth
Polly Alexandre Fine Photography

For an Old Hollywood feel, a vintage-style photo booth with a simple backdrop can be jazzed up with an assortment of props like a pipe, a cane, a straw hat, and an old mask.

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Cat Power

photo booth prop large cat cutout

Just another reminder that photos of your pets make great additions to photo booths (particularly ones with colorful backdrops like this one). So regardless of if they are feline, canine, or something with wings or scales, bring a picture of your pet to a local print shop and have the make a sturdy reproduction of your animal friend.

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Speak the Truth

Our Labor of Love

Let attendees do the talking with a chalkboard speech bubble and some chalk they can write whatever message they're feeling. As for that astronaut, helmet? Well, it's hard to resist playing dress up every now and again.

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Hashtag #Forever

sara ryan wedding philadelphia guests sign
Redfield Photography

Friends and family popped in to the open air CliqueBait Photobooth Co. setup and posed with this cutout of the couple's sweet hashtag.

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First Prize

Guests photo booth
Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding Photography

Everyone's a winner when a trophy is on hand as a photo booth prop. And beards on sticks mean that everyone can party until they have a five o'clock shadow—or more.

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