Purple and Blue Wedding Centerpieces

Rose Centerpiece


Table arrangements for your wedding in romantic purple and blue hues.

In an arrangement that evokes an English garden, roses and flowering oregano in mauve tones contrast with succulents and curly fiddleheads.

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Fruit Centerpiece


An antique transferware bowl holds an abundant cluster of richly colored fruits and flowers: Chocolate cosmos are planted among miniature grapes, plums, black bananas, and figs.

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Hydrangea Centerpiece

Victoria Pearson

Multicolor mauve, blue, and pink hydrangea, as well as pink spray roses, make up this classic arrangement.

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Vintage Centerpiece


Silver vases holding teeming bunches of burgundy and purple dahlias, artichokes, orange tulips, "James Story" orchids, ranunculus, and calla lilies evoke the charm of past eras.

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Classic Centerpiece


Arrangements of pink and lavender hydrangeas and roses are surrounded by supper-club lamps for an old-fashioned flair.

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Contemporary Centerpiece


Eggplant calla lilies, purple tulips, antique green hydrangeas, dusty miller, geraniums, hypericum berries, and Hawaiian dendrobium orchids create a silvery purple palette that has a contemporary vibe.

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Modern Centerpiece


Sleek arrangements of burgundy blooms like cymbidium orchids combine with sugar-maple leaves for a rustic element.

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Impressionist-Inspired Centerpiece


This sprawling tableau of antique Venetian glass with single-flower arrangements of cornflowers, muscari, nigella, delphiniums, and anemones brings the color blue center stage.

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Modern Centerpiece

Johnny Miller

Lone stems -- a mix of full plumes and reedy stalks such as caspia and agapanthus -- are arranged in vessels of various heights and shapes.

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Vintage Centerpiece


An eclectic mix of blue flowers is housed in assorted trophy cups found at antiques shops.

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Outdoor Centerpiece


Looking for a sweet centerpiece idea for an alfresco event? Arrange bunches of blue hydrangeas at the center of each table.

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Modern Centerpiece

Raymond Hom

A scattering of single-flower arrangements like sweet peas, poppies, and anemones in colorful bottles makes for an informal yet impactful tablescape.

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