And should the name, like the drink, be sweet or spicy?
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Choosing a clever name for each of your wedding's signature cocktails is a great opportunity to personalize your reception. The right moniker for your specialty drinks is more than just to chance have a little fun, though. The name you choose can also let guests in on a your hobbies and interests, a secret joke, or story they might not otherwise learn. Whether you opt to go with something meaningful, something funny, or something that's a little sweet and spicy, you can't really go wrong so long as the drink matches the name.

Factors to Consider

When naming the signature cocktails for your wedding, you'll want to take flavors into consideration along with the vibe of the wedding and what the two of you are into. If you have a ton of inside jokes together, including a few your friends are in on, those references can make for great titles. Wedding planner Jessica Sloane recommends going with something that's either meaningful or funny.

Playful Cocktail Names

For a playful cocktail name, beverage director Richard Swan of The Grand Bevy recommends referencing inside jokes, song titles, puns, or secret nicknames. He says anything that will make guests chuckle when they read the bar menu is fair game. A great example? At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent wedding, attendees sipped on a signature rum and ginger cocktail-a play on Harry's red hair-titled "When Harry Met Meghan."

Meaningful Cocktail Names

There are many stories to be told in every relationship, but few that have short and sweet titles that can be used to name a cocktail with. Consider things like where your first date took place or the location of the first trip you took together. Sloane recommends using the title of the couple's favorite song or even referencing their astrological signs.


Nicknames are always a good go-to for naming two cocktails that represent the couple. They don't necessarily have to be nicknames other people know, maybe just what you call each other.

A Good Pun

Puns are an easy way to make a lighthearted cocktail name. For a recent wedding, Swan named a tropical rum and coconut cocktail "A Toast to Jost," in honor of the couple's engagement location of Jost Van Dyke. Another cocktail was called "The Perfect Matcha," and included green matcha and tequila.

Other Ideas

Characters from a favorite book or movie, pop culture news stories, references to hobbies you each enjoy, sports teams or mascots, and riffs on traditional cocktail names can be great inspiration. Have fun with the naming process and be sure to list the cocktails on a menu at the bar or give a description on your cocktail napkins.


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