Looking for a clever way to display candy or wedding desserts? Make your own candy bar with these lucite acrylic organizational displays—yes the ones that are used to hold makeup and accessories!
Credit: Bryan Gardner

A candy buffet this eye-catching isn't just guaranteed to give guests a sugar high-it also looks like it's floating on air. That's thanks to the see-through acrylic holders that put the spotlight on the treats themselves. We'll let you in on our sweet secret: The stands come from organizational and accessory display stores and are meant to hold makeup and jewelry, not cupcakes and candies. Pick up several to fill with treats that satisfy your palate-and palette: The translucent presentation needs color to pop!

The Details: Clear acrylic display, from $2.25, FireFlyStoreSolutions.com; clear acrylic display, from $7.50, ModernStoreFixture.com; clear boxes, from $13, ContainerStore.com; clear boxes, from $0.17, PaperMart.com; clear boxes from $0.96, USBox.com.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

Stock a glasses display (from $17, FireflyStoreSolutions.com) with genuine eye candy: chocolate bars! Pack them in matching paper to make unwrapping even more fun.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

Calling all SweeTarts, Skittles, and other fruity candies! Load your faves into clear boxes as takeaways to stack on this three step riser (from $12, NYCDisplayInc.com).

Credit: Bryan Gardner

A bracelet/necklace display (from $29.75, FireflyStoreSolutions.com) is an ideal holder for a certain yummy treat with a hole in the middle-yes donuts will fit perfectly onto the bars of this acrylic display.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

Show off the classic wedding favor-Jordan almonds (now in bright hues) on a clutch bag display (from $12, FireflyStoreSolutions.com).


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