7 Ways to Fold a Table Napkin for Your Big Day and Every Day

Bryan Gardner

Artful napkin arranging, usually reserved for fancy dinner parties, is an inexpensive way to elevate any celebration. (And by that, we mean it won't put you back a cent!) We've topped plain white rental plates with our favorite styles to DIY or hand off to your caterer. Bonus: You can crib these linen looks post-wedding when the two of you host your first fancy dinner party at home.

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Triangle Napkin Fold

Bryan Gardner

This popular shape is a breeze to make, and it also works well with monogrammed linens.

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Candy Wrap Napkin Fold

Bryan Gardner

Invite guests to pull the ends, like a Christmas cracker, to reveal hidden sweets or a note tucked inside.

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Pocket Napkin Fold

Bryan Gardner

Slip a menu, place card, single bud, or set of utensils into this sleek pouch.

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Envelope Napkin Folds

Bryan Gardner

Just like its paper counterpart, this super-simple design is ideal for holding any kind of card.

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Pleated Napkin Fold

Bryan Gardner

Pretty folds make the case for forgoing large centerpieces or skipping other table linens altogether.

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Lover's Knot Napkin Fold

Bryan Gardner

It looks trickier than it is: This six-step stunner is impressively easy, and just plain impressive.

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Buffet Napkin Fold

Bryan Gardner

A super-chic idea for stowing a fork, knife, and more.

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