Wedding Colors: Orange, Pink, and Yellow

Seating Directory


This seating directory is made by creating cards to help guide guests to their tables. Use gel pens to write names on the top tags and table numbers on the bottom ones. Tags: Paper Presentation, $3.25 for 6 in assorted sizes, Jumbo "polo" brads: Making Memories, $3.99 for 24 in assorted colors,

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Favor Boxes


Let guests take home the bright colors of your wedding. For individual treats, such as truffles, nestle each in a muffin cup before placing it in the box. For loose candy, line the boxes with glassine. Add ribbon and, if you like, dress up the boxes even more with a message. 1. Crayon box, Bayley's Boxes, $1. Polyester grosgrain ribbon, Shindo, $1.12/meter, 212-868-9311. 2. Gift boxes, Liberty Display, $8 for 12, 212-929-2777. "Luxury" satin ribbon, Masterstroke Canada, $2.30/yd. 3. Scallop top cube, B.T. Elements, $40 for 20 in one color. Polyester satin ribbon, M&J Trimming, $0.49/yd., 800-965-8746. 4. Ballotin box, Sophie's Favors, $4.50 for 10. Striped ribbon, M&J Trimming, $1.98/yd., 800-965-8746. 5. Ballotin box (4 pc.), GlerupRevere Packaging, $17 for 50. Organdy ribbon, Shindo, $2.80/meter, 212-868-9311.

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Candy Land


Your colorful favor boxes will meet their match in these treats (which will taste all the sweeter if you buy them in bulk). Fill the boxes with citrus candies, such as lemon drops, Orangeheads, or pineapple jellies. Not crazy about citrus flavors? Chocoholics can choose from malted-milk balls or M&M's in every color of the rainbow. If you'd rather mix it up, be sure to think about how the flavors taste together, or put candy in two separate boxes, and wrap them with ribbon.

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Colors in Bloom


Choose flowers that coordinate beautifully with your cheerful demeanor. From sunset-colored snapdragons to buttery daffodils to the rosiest of roses, the sky's the limit. In addition to the options shown here, you can find at least some of these hues in orchids, ranunculus, Icelandic poppies, and peonies, just to name a few. 1. Daffodil 2. Freesia 3. Calla lily 4. Gloriosa lily 5. Zinnia 6. Dahlia 7. 'Candlelight' rose 8. Hyacinth 9. Snapdragon 10. Kalanchoe 11. Gladiolus 12. 'Pink Romantica' rose 13. French tulip 14. Tulip 15. 'Femma' rose.

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Wax Works


Light up the night -- or day -- with this fanciful centerpiece. By placing candles on upside-down glass tumblers in two sizes, we created a display that seems to float over the tabletop. In addition to being lovely, it won't block the view across the table. 4" column pillar candles in custom colors, Yummi Candles, $13-$19 each. "Steve" glasses, (as candleholders) $1.95 each; "Circle" plate, $4.95 each; "Edge" wineglasses, $11.95 each, Clear place-card cubes, Decor Craft, $19 for 24. "1810" flatware, International Silver, $785 per place setting, Sterling Tablecloth; taffeta, The Silk Trading Company, $49/yd.

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Hold Everything

Turns out pitchers aren't just for pouring, and cereal bowls aren't just for, well, cereal. Most any vessel can moonlight as a table display. The best part? You can buy them to create the mood you want, and once the wedding's over, they can go back to performing their old jobs again. From left: Square vases, Planter Resource, $5 and $6.50. Cereal bowl, $8; Pitcher, $33; Antique copper ribbed votive candleholders, $4 (large), $16 for 6 (smallll); Antiqued cylinder, $13; Jamali Garden Supplies.

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Hold Everything


"Trellis" tumbler, Fishs Eddy, $12.99. "Helianthus" goblet, Anthropologie, $8. "Bamboo" vase, $35; polychrome bowl, $20; "Lotus" vase, $18; Double-lobed vase, $18; by Bo Jia for Middle Kingdom. "Blomster" vase, IKEA, $4, for stores. Orange globe, similar from

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Inviting Design


In this suite of letterpress stationery, golden bellflowers and dusty-pink fuchsias mingle on the invitation (with hints of orange where the blooms converge). The bellflower motif reappears on both the R.S.V.P. card and the envelope, then "grows" across it, onto the back. The wheat-colored reception card with a cute-as-can-be crisscross pattern rounds out this vibrant and playful stationery set. "fields" stationery, customized, Elum, $2,749 for 100.

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Ring Pillow Talk


To make this ring pillow, cut ten 5-inch squares of sheer pink and orange organza. Stack, then stitch a 4-inch square in the center, leaving a 1-inch opening. Stuff batting into pillow. Finish stitching to close the square. Trim organza edges with scalloping shears. Flyerfit wedding bands, Martin Flyer, $895 and $510, at Smyth Jewelers. Silk organza, Mood Fabrics, $18/yd. 4-mm silk ribbon, YLI, $2.90/5 Yd.

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Poppy Love


Your bridesmaids are sure to adore these handmade (by you!) silk-poppy hair combs. To make them, simply wrap the wire stem of a fabric flower around the top and between the teeth of each comb and cover with ribbon. (Don't forget to take into consideration the thickness of each attendant's hair -- the fuller the tresses, the bigger the comb.) "Poppy" flowers, Center of Floral Design, $3.95 each, 212-279-5044.

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Let's Get Fizzy


Champagne doesn't have to be the only bubbly at your wedding. These lemon and grapefruit sodas are delightfully refreshing, and they're also a cinch to make. Simmering the fruit zest in simple syrup is the secret: One sip, and you'll never go back to store-bought again. Serve the drinks with knotted "bendy" straws (don't worry -- they'll work just fine). For a display that's as festive as the drinks, hang a banner of doily "flags" in coordinating colors, fold doilies in half, and glue them onto a string to hang. Beverage servers, Roost, $200 each for 1.5-gallllon size, "Zac" highball glasses, Crate & Barrel, $1.95 each. Pink and yellow paper doilies, Wilton, $2.29 for multi-pack of 12, Yellow paper doilies, Lovely Lovely, $8 for package of 12,

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Playing It Cool


For a casual wedding, present your favorite icy-cold desserts the same way your neighborhood parlor would -- in tiny cups with tiny spoons. The yellow cups are perfect for holding sorbets (is there a more appropriate treat for this palette than mango and raspberry?) as well as strawberry ice cream. For another layer of color -- and texture -- top the sorbet with chopped dried papaya or apricots. Pass with the cake, or save for a late-night refresher. Shovel spoons and "venere" ice-cream cups, Qualita Paper Products.

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Soft and Sweet


Homemade marshmallows become even more special when dressed in a pastel version of your palette. When they're ready, stack 'em three high, spear with a cute, beaded toothpick (which comes in almost every imaginable color), and watch your guests gobble them up. 4" beaded picks, Pick On Us, $10 for 100.

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